How Will We Challenge Militarism, Racism, and Extreme Materialism? The choice and the power resides with us.



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Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé discusses in detail how “social justice, more than anything else, is a struggle against double talk, against hypocrisy, against exceptionalism, against deception.”


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It was not Sirhan Sirhan. Paul Schrade, an eyewitness to and victim of the assassination, lays out historical truth during the February 2016 Parole Hearing for Sirhan Sirhan.


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Beginning at the end of the 19th century, the medical profession adopted the mistaken belief that there is a safe or risk-free level of exposure to low dose radiation. Our civilization has not yet come to terms with the consequences of this fallacious belief.


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The WHY of the assassination is the key to the crime and its cover-up.



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Inspired by and dedicated to John Judge, this is an invitation to explore the unknown possibilities of existence through the process of exercising our imagination and intelligence to visualize what an actual democracy would look like today.
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How a society defines economic terms and relationships will determine who controls it.
I’ve been spending much of my effort for the last 30 years trying to see how the ancient near east and classical antiquity and medieval Europe all solved their debt crises, basically writing a history of debt crises showing that every economy has had to cancel the debt.

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12 Aug 2016: planetary call for Nuclear-Fission-Free World
27 Oct 2016: UN Resolution L.41 is adopted to convene negotiations in 2017 on a “legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”
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James Douglass’ book is the conclusive research into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas 22 November 1963, the most pivotal assassination in world history since Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo, 28 June 1914.
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A Case Study by Cynthia McKinney. “I decided that because of the brilliance and the dedication of this gentleman, that in my own PhD leadership studies I would write a paper on him and the type of leadership that he demonstrates…. John Judge is perhaps one of the most important unknown historians of our generation.”
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John Trudell: What It Means To Be A Human Being
Spoken word and poetry address, given in honor of the U’wa and their resistance to oil drilling on their ancestral land in Columbia. “We were given our intelligence to help us ride the balance … It’s our medicine, it’s our protection, it’s our self-defense.”
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American Nuremberg Trial Needed
Confronting war crimes, and especially crimes against peace, committed by both U.S. presidents since September 11, 2001 has never been more urgent.
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U.S. Settler Colonialism
Genocide, dispossession, colonization, forms the core of US history, the very source of the country’s existence. To learn and know this history is both a necessity and a responsibility to the ancestors and descendants of all parties.
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King Family Tree
A 1993 investigative article provides understanding of some of the level of institutional racism directing multi-generational decision-making employed by U.S. Army Intelligence.
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Eisenhower's Warning
WWII Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe and 34th US President, “Ike” expressed supreme prescience on the unprecedented scale of military and industrial influence over society—in 1961!
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Who was the puppet master? 58 cases of officials in government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed one) admitted to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos.
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On June 10, 1963, the 35th President of the United States addressed the graduating class at American University in Washington D.C. on the “the most important topic on earth: peace.” During his aborted term in office President Kennedy changed from the Cold Warrior of the 1960 election campaign to a man turning, to a peacemaker…

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This book compiles some of the founder of the Museum of Hidden History and the Hidden History Center’s best-known essays and interviews.

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14 years in the making, the film uses never before seen interviews, archival footage, and recently declassified docs to chronicle ordinary citizens contributions to revealing the truth about the crime of the 20th century. The have fought against great odds to, as they often proclaim, “take back our history.”
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Snowden said, “We can not hope for an Obama and we can not fear a Donald Trump, rather we should build it ourselves.” He emphasized the effectiveness of targeted surveillance over mass surveillance in that the Boston Marathon was not stopped despite it happening during the height of mass surveillance.
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Starting with his Riverside Church speech, what might Martin King say today about the “War On Terror”? Revisiting his words and insights can perhaps help us come closer to truly resurrecting Martin Luther King, Jr in ourselves.

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Indigenous Economics
“Indigenous” refers to how living things learned a way of inter-relating within a specific place to achieve the dynamic optimum efficiency insuring constant renewal
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Israeli Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy

Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is the highest ranking US foreign policy whistle blower to date completing his tenure in government as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (2002-05).
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Eisenhower's Warning
Some of the secrets of dirty money by souls compelled to wander the unaccountable corridors of financial accumulation.
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Nuclear War - Mass Extinction Event
More than 30 years ago scientists began warning that a nuclear war would also cause “Nuclear Winter”. New studies show the original 1980s research underestimated the consequences of nuclear war.
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The assassination of Malcolm X did not happen as we have been told. Roland Sheppard, one of the few remaining people who personally witnessed the assassination, describes his experiences when Malcolm was shot in the Audubon Ballroom and after his death.
Who Killed Malcolm X?

Have You Heard of the Phoenix Program?

The Phoenix Program in Vietnam foreshadowd the “war on terror” in our own time: torture, death squads, assassinations, false flag terror attacks and mass surveillance of the populace. Read all about it in an intriguing book by Doug Valentine.
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Peter Dale Scott Examines The Deep State

How do Wall Street, oil companies and shadow government agencies like the CIA and NSA really shape the global political order? That’s the question author Peter Dale Scott examines in his new book The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy.
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Remembering John Judge

by Marilyn Tenenoff Interviewed by Len Osanic of Black Op Radio.


The Hidden History Center is a Gateway for Truth ~ a source for facts our schools are not teaching, secrets our government is hiding, and information we are blinded from seeing by our culture. The Center is based on the vision of our founder, John Judge, whose scholarship, integrity and dedication to the Truth were unrelenting. The Center is a project of the Museum of Hidden History, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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