It was twenty-two years ago today when the United States deep-state launched another stage in its terrorist campaigns. This time it began with the explosions of four buildings, three in New York City, and one at the Pentagon, only to be followed shortly by biological weapon attacks with weapons-grade anthrax meant to ratchet up the fear level to extreme hysteria. Both intended to support the so-called war on terror that has never ended.

The Go-To books to understand the dynamics of this operation are both authored by Graeme MacQueen (1948-2023). Graeme MacQueen received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University and taught in the Religious Studies Department of McMaster University for 30 years. While at McMaster he became founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster, after which he helped developed the B.A. program in Peace Studies and oversaw the development of peace-building projects in Sri Lanka, Gaza, Croatia and Afghanistan. He was a member of the organizing committee of the Toronto Hearings held on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, was a member of the international 9/11 Consensus Panel, and was co-editor of The Journal of 9/11 Studies.

In addition, the film, Peace, War and 9/11 has just been released. “In this documentary, filmed six months before his passing, eminent scholar and lifelong peace activist Graeme MacQueen shares his final words on 9/11, the 2001 anthrax attacks, and the goal of abolishing war.” To facilitate reviewing his writings in preparation for this film, Graeme asked my help to create a digital book format similar to False Mystery, which was completed in early April of this year.


Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks
rat haus reality press, 2023
freely available in HTML and PDF formats at:

This eBook by Graeme MacQueen contains a collection of his articles and essays on the attacks of September 11, 2001, the subsequent anthrax attacks, and analyses of other false flag operations. They are profoundly important and shatter the official versions of those events. No one reading this book can come away from it not convinced that the U.S. government is a terrorist state. MacQueen’s conclusions are not based on rhetoric but on a deep empirical analyses, facts not propaganda. With this volume, Graeme MacQueen takes his place alongside David Ray Griffin as a prophet without honor in his own time. History will declare him a hero. To write the Book’s Introduction is a great honor, for my esteem for Graeme and his work is immense.

—Edward Curtin

“To study the [11 September] day’s events as they unfolded on television is to experience in a shockingly direct way how a well-oiled propaganda system—of which television is a central component—can spin grand and lethal yarns that silence the citizens who experience, who witness, who suffer, and who constitute the epistemic backbone of democracy. The ability of this propaganda system to achieve the triumph of the Official Narrative in a matter of hours suggests to us that while good science is necessary for dispelling the Official Narrative, alone it may not be sufficient.

“Oftentimes, researchers (engineers, scientists, academics, etc.) carry on their research as if they were merely studying the natural world — a world that has no interest in the researchers and does not look back at them. But in cases such as 9/11, researchers are working within an intellectual context shaped by an intelligent opponent. This opponent is neither inert nor disinterested, but looks back at the researcher. It has intentionally laid down sets of false claims and dead-end trails and can be expected to continue to do so.

“This does not mean that researchers and activists should give up their focus on good science. Rather, it means that those who are dedicated to revealing the truth about 9/11 must think deeply about how to carry out good science and good communication within the specific context of a still-ongoing psychological operation.

“Evidence could not stop the Official Narrative from triumphing on 9/11, and evidence alone will not defeat the Official Narrative now.”

Chapter 23, The Triumph of the Official Narrative:
How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11


The 2001 Anthrax Deception
The Case for Domestic Conspiracy
Clarity Press, 2014

From the book’s Conclusion:

“What is to be said about the success or failure of the anthrax operation? The attacks were certainly successful in causing an infusion of funds into bioweapons work in the U.S. Already in 2008, Scientific American noted that the 2001 attacks “sparked a massive infusion of research funds to counter civilian bioterrorism, $41 billion spread over seven federal departments and agencies.”[6] By 2011 the 2002-2011 expenditures were estimated at $70 billion.[7]

“In 2008 a large new biodefense laboratory, to cost $143 million and occupy 160,000 square feet, was dedicated at Fort Detrick, Maryland. This is where the late Bruce Ivins, driven to his death by the FBI, had worked. When it opened, Jamie Johnson, of the Department of Homeland Security, said: “This is a great day.”[8]

“But if those institutions that grow fat on military spending were made happy by the anthrax attacks, the failures of the operation are also noteworthy. The attempt to implicate Muslim groups and states collapsed almost immediately after the Patriot Act was pushed through Congress. The decision to invade Iraq, made well before 9/11, was not changed but its justification now depended on a set of unvarnished lies that failed to convince the international community. U.S. leaders had no Security Council cover and, therefore, no legal justification whatsoever for their clear act of aggression. This was not a trivial failure. While it demonstrated the unilateralism that groups such as the Project for the New American Century championed, ignoring international law had a price. The price was erosion of international sympathy for the U.S. government and a growing conviction that the U.S. was itself a rogue state run by criminals.”



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