by Edward J. Curtin, Jr., 9 Oct 2023,

“[I]it has been very obvious for a very long time that the evidence for United States’ crimes of all sorts has been available to anyone who wished to face the truth. It does not take great expertise, just an eye for the obvious and the willingness to do a little homework…. Donald Rumsfeld, as a key long time insider to U.S. deep state operations, was surely aware of my list of known knowns. He was just one of many such slick talkers involved in demonic U.S. operations that have always been justified, denied, or kept secret by him and his ilk. One does not have to be a criminologist to realize these things…. Despite double-talkers like [Rumsfeld], evidence of decades of U.S. propaganda is easy to see through if one is compelled by the will-to-truth.”


Consider how, it makes not the slightest difference whether Obama, Trump or covid occupy the Oval Office. Things only move in one direction.