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John Judge, the cofounder of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
(COPA), once again has his brilliant research work available in print.

Say Something Real Press – May 22, 2017 JUDGE FOR YOURSELF is the title of a new collection of the work of John Judge, the well-known political researcher and activist. Featuring a foreword by Kenn Thomas (The Octopus) and an introduction by David Ratcliffe (Understanding Special Operations), the book compiles some of Judge’s best-known essays and interviews. A researcher and activist who studied the Kennedy assassination alongside researchers like Mae Brussell and Penn Jones, Judge was the head of COPA and the founder of the Museum of Hidden History and the Hidden History Center.

The book tackles not only JFK but dozens of other topics in hidden history, including the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the real story of what happened with Jim Jones, and his take on what the term “UFO” really refers to! Astonishing and prescient, this is the book you need to make sense of our time. The volume was edited by Dissenting Views author Joseph E. Green and is being distributed via Say Something Real Press LLC.

Table of Contents
  • Unidentified Fascist Observatories (1989)
  • Reagan-Bitburg-Nazi SS (The Germans Made Me Do It) (1984)
  • Tied Up in Nazis (1989)
  • The Fourth Reich (1989)
  • MOVE and the Militarization of the Police (1985)
  • Contragate and the Invisible Government (1987)
  • Poolside with John Judge (1990)
  • Museum of Hidden History Interview (2012)
  • Good Americans (1983)
  • The Black Hole of Guyana (1985)
  • Mae is Alive in Our Hearts (1989)

Excerpt from “MOVE and the Militarization of the Police”, pp. 164-66:

Racism and Black Genocide

The central role of racism, and the broader purpose of the systematic deprivation and destruction of people of color in this country are evident in the MOVE attack for those who will look. Not only would the incident not have happened in a white neighborhood, but also it could not have happened to white children without a much greater response in the community. MOVE was considered “strange” by both the Black community and the white progressives, so they were shunned. Immediate support was not forthcoming in either incident, although the Quakers did offer them rural land to relocate.

The left is rarely concerned with domestic intervention, even in such glaring examples as this. What we would see immediately as an example of fascism abroad, or as genocidal in the Third World, we see as an “isolated incident” or an “aberration” here at home. But as James Baldwin said, “If they come for you in the night, they will come for me in the morning.” The system looks for this response, but such silence is consent. Are we saying that groups like MOVE are fair game? Do we buy the cover story while 900 Blacks die at Jonestown, or a whole neighborhood burns here? They are bringing it home. Was it “murder suicide” in Jonestown? Was it an “entry device” in Philadelphia? These were both military escalations by special police squads and intelligence agencies. They were Black genocide operations, and they are not isolated, nor things of the past. They will expand in relation to our indifference.

As wealth concentrates into fewer and fewer hands, and the technology creates capital surplus that is eaten up by war production instead of used for human needs, the population itself serves no purpose for those who run the society. Their labor, at some point, is superfluous, and these poor, mostly women, children and elderly, and people of color, become the modern-day “useless eaters” that were rounded up and exterminated during the Nazi’s Third Reich for the same reasons. The racial and class bias of the society involved determines the targets. Those on welfare, the chronically unemployed, the homeless, the institutionalized, the disenfranchised and powerless are the victims to be both blamed and eliminated. These are the people who constitute the “Third World” inside America. They fill its courts and prisons, its military and combat positions, its psychiatric hospitals and “homes.” To those who run this country, they are expendable. If we ignore the attacks on unpopular groups like MOVE, then we cannot be held blameless when they escalate to more of us. This is how fascism works, targeting the vulnerable and isolated first. The first victims of the Holocaust were psychiatric inmates, by the tens of thousands. Few stood up for them or their rights.

We have already had martial law in this country; we already maintain concentration camps and have used them against Native Americans and Japanese, and more currently against immigrants; we know what genocide is, having “discovered” an occupied country; we began mass sterilization in the United States in the 1920’s, long before Nazi psychiatrists implemented its use there, and we sterilized the same people; our technology of death is more advanced now, we do not pick the body up and put it in the ovens, we drop the ovens from the sky in the form of napalm and white phosphorus, weapons used in Vietnam and Central America.

If the countries of the world where we have staged coups, assassinated popular leaders, propped up fascist dictatorships, manipulated elections, stolen natural resources and exploited or killed laborers could take us tomorrow into the World Court, would the testimony be so different than that of the Nuremberg Trials? I think, in fact, it would be worse. If Aryan Germans wanted to turn their heads and avert their eyes during the Nazi years, they could live well and comfortably: Not all were terrorized by fascism, only the victims. They, too, plundered the wealth, the art, the culture, and the produce of the world community into a few hands. Berlin represented the most advanced technology and cultural expression of the times.

As one study title says, “They Thought They Were Free.” So do we. We ask ourselves, how could the Germans have let it happen? Perhaps, if we can look at the truth of America today, we know.

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