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For a while, I’ve been posting articles that have a fair number of embedded videos on certain transformative technological breakthroughs that have occurred in the past several years, alongside a great deal of commentary on their potential negative implications for society, but the fact of the matter is that there are tons of recorded seminars, presentations, and clips on neurowarfare, the Internet of Bodies, Synthetic Biology, Smart Cities, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Security, and their health, policy, ethical, and societal implications.

All of these issues are fundamentally interlinked. If we take for granted that a so-called biodigital convergence is right around the corner, and that AI might be used to engineer artificial organisms and interface directly with them using nanotechnology, and so forth, or that AI might be used to gather biometric data from humans using mass surveillance and run inference on it and use that information to generate targeted subliminal propaganda, and so on, it stands to reason that neurowar, IoB/Transhumanism, synbio, Smart Cities, 4IR, AI, COGSEC, and so on, are all deeply interrelated concepts that feed directly into each other, with the overall goal of creating a sort of global, technocratic, eugenicist, Neo-Malthusian, communitarian Society 2.0. Imagine a society assembled piecemeal from pie-in-the-sky TED Talks. No one wants that, right?

Some of these videos have featured in previous articles, but I thought it would be a good idea to put together a mega-playlist. A one-stop shop, so to speak, with some brief summaries to let the viewer know what they’re in for, and what we might take away from the footage. I recommend using the Return YouTube Dislike extension on your browser so you can see just how many people are appalled by this information.

An earlier version of this article had all the videos posted as embeds, but this practically broke the page because of how many videos there were. They have now been replaced with hyperlinks. Click the headings to view the vids.

I recommend going into split-screen mode with the list on one side and the player on the other.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future


This 2018 presentation given by the DARPA and IEEE-affiliated bioethicist James Giordano to an audience at West Point is absolutely chilling. In it, he outlines the possibility of nanoparticles and clotting agents being used to target the brains of an adversary nation, including dissidents, the civilian population, et cetera. Highlights include:

  1. A hypothetical scenario about the use of neuroweapons to target the leaders of extremist groups and make their followers dissociate from them due to their drastic shift in personality.

  2. The insinuation that people’s biometric data might be hacked to make them appear to have illnesses they don’t actually have, or that people might be driven mad with hypochondria over the threat of an imagined bioweapon attack.

  3. The assertion that neuroweapons can take many forms; not just nanoparticles, but also viruses and chemical agents that specifically target the brain.

Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War


This 2018 presentation at West Point’s Modern War Institute by Dr. Charles Morgan outlines how synthetic biology and chemogenetics might be used to manipulate human brains using engineered cells with designer receptors. Someone’s mind could be completely taken over by a gene therapy drug targeting their brain cells and rendering those cells susceptible to designer chemical agents. It is beyond eerie.

Consider how AI and protein structure prediction could be used to hasten this process of gene and cell engineering, devising proteins with novel functions to more precisely control brain cells.

Dr. James Giordano – “Neuroethics: Moral Issues from Synapse to Society”


How long has James Giordano been at this? A very long time, as this presentation from 2011 demonstrates.

Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons | CGSR Seminar


This is a 2017 presentation by James Giordano at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security Research (CGSR). He elaborates on how neuroscience can be weaponized and used in warfare.

TRADOC Mad Scientist 2017 Georgetown: Neurotechnology in National Defense w/ Dr. Giordano


This is a presentation at Georgetown University in 2017, along the same lines as Dr. Giordano’s other presentations on the weaponization of neuroscience.

Dr James Giordano tells us about what’s coming in terms of Neuroethics


In this podcast from 2018, James Giordano outlines the need for regulatory oversight, especially to control advancements by DIYers and biohackers.

Apprehension of the Superior Other in Science Fiction – Dr. James Giordano Interview – LMU Bioethics


In this clip from 2018, James Giordano equates previous developments in human evolution (the adoption of tool use and communication, and so forth) to the modern advent of transhumanism.

Trans-Humanism – An O’Malley Interview with Dr. James Giordano – LMU Bioethics


This short clip dating to 2018 outlines James Giordano’s views on transhumanism and human self-directed evolution.

HDIAC Podcast – Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons (Part 1) (Part 2)


In this two-part podcast dating to 2020, James Giordano goes into detail about how neuroscience can be weaponized.

Dr. James Giordano: Battlescape Brain: Military and Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive Science


In this presentation from 2020, Dr. James Giordano further outlines many advances in NeuroS/T and how they may be weaponized. This covers a lot of the same ground as his presentation at West Point, two years earlier.

James Giordano: Bold New Neuroscience; Brave New Neuroethics?


In this video dating to 2021, James Giordano outlines many recent advances in neuroscience and the serious ethical issues that they raise. The slides used in this video can be seen here.

Even the supposed upsides of the technology are a double-edged sword. One presentation slide suggests that we might use neurotechnology to abolish pain, sadness, suffering, et cetera, mirroring David Pearce’s Hedonistic Imperative. This might sound like a good thing on the surface; no one wants to be depressed or anxious all the time. However, it’s also important to recognize that human mental illnesses are often a reflection of our lifestyle and whether or not our basic needs are being fulfilled.

If someone feels euphoria all the time, no matter how depressing their living conditions are, they can be heinously abused, confined in a small room, and denied food, sex, entertainment, and so on, without consequence. A human incapable of feeling suffering is a human capable of being physically warehoused, who will wither away with smiles on their faces.

Neurotech the Gateway to Exponential Tech – Dr. James Giordano – Neuroscientist & Neuroethicist


In this video, James Giordano outlines recent developments in wearable EEGs and other neurotechnologies, and how this will lead to runaway advancements in technology in a sort of feedback loop (presumably leading to a technological singularity). Toward the end, he goes into the neuroscience of free will.

McCain Conference 2022 Panel: Brain Computer Interface


In this 2022 presentation, James Giordano goes into great detail about the various societal and ethical implications of BCIs. Also discussed is the usage of BCIs to make supersoldiers, to deaden their emotions, enhance their killing capacity, make them immune to PTSD or incapable of serving as witnesses to a humanitarian law violation by erasing their memories, et cetera.

The Battle for Your Mind: Neuroscience, Technology & the OODA Loop with James Giordano, PhD


In this stream from last August, James Giordano holds forth on a very wide array of topics relating to neuroscience, AI, and the sociopolitical implications. This one is a must-watch.

2023 IBB World Championship | Neuroethics Lecture


In this stream, also dating from last August, James Giordano covers a wide variety of neuroethics topics.

Conversations with Experts: Dr Armin Krishnan – July 7, 2022


This 2022 interview with Armin Krishnan covers the long history of mind control and neuroweapons, from DARPA’s earliest experiments with microwaves, to modern innovations.

Interview with Dr Armin Krishnan


This 2023 interview with Dr. Armin Krishnan covers many aspects of modern warfare, including autonomous weapon systems, neurowarfare, and so on.

America’s Book Of Secrets: DARPA’s Secret Mind Control Technology (Season 4) | History


In this clip from the History Channel show, America’s Book of Secrets, DARPA’s N3 program to develop wireless BCIs is outlined.

Direct Neural Interface & DARPA – Dr Justin Sanchez


This presentation by Dr. Justin Sanchez details the many applications of DNI/BCI tech.

Mind Melds and Brain Beams: The Dawn of Brain-to-Brain Communication


This presentation from 2016 details how BCIs may be used to facilitate direct brain-to-brain communication.

Advanced Materials To Enable Wireless Brain-Machine Interface


This is a 2021 video by Sakhrat Khizroev that describes how DARPA’s N3 nanotransducers work.

Jacob Robinson | Minimally Invasive Neurotech for Mental Health


Jacob Robinson is one of the main figures involved in the development of Rice’s MOANA offering for DARPA’s N3 program. Rice University is attempting to develop a nanotransducer-based BCI that uses a helmet to deliver light, ultrasound, and magnetic fields through the skull to activate and read back from nanotransducer-transfected cells.

Wireless linkage of brains may soon go to human testing


This clip from 2021 outlines the overall goals of MOANA.

Introducing the Rice Neuroengineering Initiative


This clip from 2020 is about Rice University’s commitment to neuroengineering.

Magnetic control of select neural circuits


In this unlisted clip from Rice University, nanotransducers are demonstrated to force a fly’s wings to open when the fly is exposed to a magnetic field. There is an article with more details.

FULL REVEAL! Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip tested live in pig brains

This is a 2020 demonstration of Neuralink with implanted pigs.

Neuralink Show and Tell, Fall 2022

This is Neuralink’s Show and Tell on their BCI tech from late 2022.

Ready for Brain Transparency?


In this 2023 presentation at the WEF by Nita Farahany, the various disturbing biopolitical implications of BCIs are outlined.

When Humans Become Cyborgs | DAVOS 2020


In this 2020 meeting of the WEF, the transhumanist ambitions of Davos are clearly stated.

Empowering next-generation implantable brain interfaces | Timothy Constandinou


This 2017 clip from the World Economic Forum describes a possible BCI tech, among other things.

Will the Future Be Human? – Yuval Noah Harari


In this 2018 presentation, Yuval Noah Harari describes how mass biometric surveillance and algorithmic governance are taking over.

Surveillance Under The Skin | Dr. Yuval Noah Harari


In this clip, Yuval Noah Harari talks about how surveillance is moving under the skin, and how humans are now “hackable animals”.

Yuval Noah Harari on the Rise of Homo Deus


In this video from 2016, Yuval Noah Harari describes the rise of Homo Deus and the “useless class”.

How to Upload a Mind (In Three Not-So-Easy Steps)


This is a clip by Rational Animations on mind-uploading.

Randal Koene | Substrate Independent Minds: A Brief Tutorial


This is a presentation by Randal Koene about Substrate-Independent Minds (or SIM), a common transhumanist concept.

‘Digital Abomination’: Transhumanism, the New AI Religion and the Globalist Agenda for Your Future


In this recent clip, Joe Allen explains how scientism is replacing religion and promotes his book, Dark Aeon.

Understanding Technocracy and the Implications of Control


In this clip, Paul Kingsnorth describes what technocracy fundamentally is.

Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


In this excellent three-part series, Patrick Wood describes how technocracy is the basis of a new global, supranational movement to completely revamp all systems of governance around communitarian principles.

These vids are heavily suppressed in the YouTube search results and won’t readily come up even when you directly search for Patrick Wood and Technocracy.

The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism | Patrick Wood


This is a presentation by Patrick Wood that links transhumanism and technocracy together.

What Is the Internet of Bodies?


This clip from the RAND Corporation in 2020 serves to explain what the Internet of Bodies actually is. For obvious reasons, they disabled the comments. Also, the video has more dislikes than likes.

Get Ready for the Internet of Bodies | Mary Lee | TEDxManhattanBeach


This 2022 TEDx talk by Mary Lee about the Internet of Bodies is ratioed like nothing else, but you wouldn’t know that without an extension to return YouTube dislikes, because Alphabet decided that dissent should be invisible, in order to manufacture the appearance of universal consent. However, the comments are enabled, and are almost universally negative.

What is the Internet of Bodies?


In this video, Mary Lee speaks to a smaller audience about IoB and takes questions from them.

Prepare for the ‘internet of bodies’


In this clip, futurist Dr. Catherine Ball describes how the IoB will revolutionize people’s lives with personalized healthcare, apparently.

Center for Internet of Bodies (C-IoB) Launch


A short 2021 clip from Purdue’s C-IoB launch.

Wilson Quarterly Spotlight: AI and the “Internet of Bodies”


In this video from the Wilson Center, Richard Solash and Eleonore Pauwels are interviewed about IoB and its social implications.

Will the internet of things change the human body forever?


This clip from serves as a basic outline of the IoB.

Bioprinting, the Internet of Bodies, Intellectual Property, and Human Rights – Dr. Bruce Baer Arnold


In this clip from 2021, Dr. Bruce Arnold covers the IoB and cutting-edge biotech and its relationship to intellectual property law.

Futurism Internet of Bodies by Ghislaine Boddington of body data space


In this exceptionally eerie 2019 talk from Ghislaine Boddington, she outlines how the IoB will lead to alternative forms of embodiment and sensory experience.

11th WIEF Global Discourse on Internet of Bodies: Merging Man and Machine


In this 2021 video from the 11th WIEF Global Discourse, the various security, privacy, and ethical risks of the Internet of Bodies are explored in detail.

The Internet of Bodies: Have you been upgraded?


In this podcast from Observation Deck, he reacts with undisguised horror at the embrace of IoB by scientists, thought leaders, and policymakers.

Samvaad-Talk by Prof. Kurian Polachan, IIIT-Bangalore (Aug 7, 2023)


In this video from IIIT-Bangalore, some of the key scientific breakthroughs related to IoB are outlined in detail. The presentation slides cover many technical aspects of this research, particularly how the human body itself may be used as a conduit for digital devices to communicate.

ARRC Seminar Series – Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz


This seminar is by Ian Akyildiz, a scientist associated with IEEE, and covers various aspects of IoB, IoBNT, and its relationship to next-gen wireless infrastructure (i.e. 6G networks).

Talk by Prof Ian F Akyildiz on 6G and Beyond The Future of Wireless Communications Systems


This talk by Ian Akyildiz goes into significant detail about the underlying technical aspects of 6G (and by extension, IoB) infrastructure.

Ultrabroadband communication & networking solutions to unleash THz Band | ITU Journal | Webinar


In this 2022 webinar from ITU, the use of THz-frequency waves in next-generation wireless infrastructure is covered in detail.

AI, machine learning RAN intelligent controller for 6G | ITU Journal | Webinar


In this 2023 webinar from ITU, the role of AI and machine learning in controlling and directing 6G infrastructure is outlined.

WINLAB Seminar – Josep Miguel Jornet “The Internet of Nano-Things”


This is a webinar from Josep Jornet about IoNT and the Internet of Bodies, with a great deal of technical detail.

International Guest Webinar – Dr. Josep Jornet


This is a webinar from Josep Jornet on the usage of light to manipulate cell behavior and gene expression.

Nanonetworking in the Terahertz Band (and Beyond): From Nanomaterials to Macrosystems


This Zoom meeting with Josep Jornet outlines how Terahertz-band communication may be utilized with nanonetworks, and suggests that a wearable smart band may be used to detect the biomolecular signals of lung cancer.

Cut: Internet of BioNano Things (IoBNT)


This clip about IoBNT, like many others, uses soothing stock music to try and soften the horror.

IoBNT To Delay the Beginning of Type-2 Diabetes Through Artificial Insulin Segregation


This presentation from 2018 details how IoBNT devices may be used to manipulate pancreatic beta cells to delay the onset of diabetes.

The Internet of Bio Nano Things | Bio Nano Technology


This clip outlines how IoBNT devices may make use of biomimetics to convert digital signals to molecular ones.

Interfaces for the Internet of Bio-Nano-Things


This clip is a presentation from Stefan Angerbauer’s doctoral thesis about IoBNT, describing how these devices will make use of molecular communication.

The Internet of Bio-Nanothings


This 2016 clip outlines some of the difficulties in passing signals through the human body.

Dr. Bige Deniz Unluturk – 10/06/2023 – Molecular Communication Platforms at Multiple Scales


This recent presentation at Michigan State University outlines many of the challenges involved in developing biomimetic systems that take advantage of molecular communication.

Internet of Nano Things (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


This three-part series by Abdallah Noaman is in Arabic, but the slides are in English and well worth reading over.

Biological Layer for 6G/B6G: Einstein, Reynolds, and Communications | Prof Chan-Byoung Chae


This 2022 webinar has a great deal of information about molecular communication principles.

What’s new at the interface between nanotechnology and biology?


This clip from 2017 has Dr. Vince Rotello describing the emergence of bionanotechnology.

How has the Internet of Things evolved into the Internet of Everything?


This clip from Professor Ozgur B. Akan outlines how the internet is slowly becoming an Internet of Everything, which will incorporate every human, plant, and animal.

The Internet of Everything | Mass Surveillance | Silicon Valley | Documentary


This documentary on the Moconomy channel about the Internet of Everything is a real eye-opener.

David Roux – Social Trauma: Technology Tsunamis and Other Dangerous Consequences of Higher Education


In this 2018 presentation by David Roux, there are a few mentions about how miniaturization will lead to ubiquitous computing, where smart tech is everywhere and in everything, including clothing.

What Is Biodigital Convergence?


In this 2022 clip, Professor Travis Smith expresses concern about the implications of biodigital convergence.

What is the biodigital convergence?


This is Policy Horizons Canada’s own clip on biodigital convergence.

Technologists share visions of our future world


In this WEF video, they openly admit to an agenda of reengineering organisms “for beneficial purposes”.

Impromptu: What To Know About Internet of Bio Nano Things w/ Alison McDowell


This four-hour-long stream with Zakiya Sankara-Jabar and Alison McDowell touches on some disturbing biopolitical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of IoB and AI.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover w/ Alison McDowell (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

This remarkable five-part series by Alison McDowell covers 4IR and technocracy at length.

What is Bionanotechnology?


This RSA Animates-style whiteboard animation from 2011 by Shawn Douglas explains what bionanotechnology is.

Biotechnology/Nanotechnology | Andrew Hessel | SingularityU Germany Summit 2017


At the SingularityU Summit in 2017, Andrew Hessel gave this rather disturbing talk about bionanotech and its implications.

Bio Nano Technology-New Frontiers in Molecular Engineering: Andreas Mershin at TEDxAthens


This TEDx Talk by Andreas Mershin from 2013 discusses how biomimetic solar panels might be more effective than conventional ones.

Nanotechnology is not simply about making things smaller | Noushin Nasiri | TEDxMacquarieUniversity


This TEDx talk by Noushin Nasiri helps one visualize just how small the scales involved in nanotech are.

Proteins Electronic Sciences and Bionanotechnology


The audio in this 2017 presentation by Andreas Mershin is very hard to hear, but the slides on bionanotech are interesting.

Nanobiotechnology and its applications


This presentation describes how bionanotechnology can be used to manipulate the functions of cells, and how it may be used in biofabrication.

Nano Biotechnology The CRISPR Platform _Your Future In Nano


This video describes how CRISPR-CAS9 works.

Bionanotechnology and Next Generation of Intelligent Medical Devices


This 2014 presentation by Dr. Stanislav Emelianov describes a possible method for treating cancer with bionanotechnology.

Illinois NanoBio Node – CABPN Workshop – BioMEMS and Bionanotechnology: Biology and Engineering


In this clip from 2013, various types of hypothetical nano-scale biomimetic systems are described.

Nanobiotechnology and application


This video presentation from 2021 outlines various types of nanomaterials and their potential applications.

Ehud Gazit – Manipulating molecular self-assembly for drug development


This is a 2011 presentation by Ehud Gazit on the use of engineered amyloids for drug development.

Quantum Mechanical Phenomena in Self-Assembled Peptide and Amyloid Proteins Nanostructures


This is a presentation by Nadav Amdursky about quantum mechanical phenomena in amyloid nanostructures, and how peptide nanotubes can be harnessed for their optical properties.

New Functional Nano‐materials for Molecular Theranostics


A further elaboration by Ehud Gazit on how amyloid-based nanomaterials may be harnessed for their optical, piezoelectric, and semi-conductive properties.

Structural Biology | D1S3 9/21 Peptide and Metabolite Self-Assembly: Physiology – Ehud Gazit


This is a 2022 presentation by Ehud Gazit on peptide nanotubes and their quantum characteristics.

Physics in 2D Nanoarchitectonics


This is a very comprehensive and nearly 3-hour-long presentation on 2D nanoscale materials and their fascinating properties. Can you believe this has only 293 views? It’s incredible.

Scientists Create an Artificial Cell With Synthetic Genome


In this video, Anton Petrov describes how scientists have recently created artificial cells with synthetic genomes, essentially playing genetic LEGO.

Artificially Made Cell Evolves Shockingly Fast For Unknown Reasons


In this video by Anton Petrov, we’re given an update on how synthetic cells are evolving at an unexpectedly rapid pace.

Michael Levin – Plasticity w/out genetic change: bioelectric embryos & synthetic proto-organisms


In this 2022 video, Michael Levin describes how the patterning of organisms is a bioelectric process.

Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | TED


In this 2021 video, Michael Levin further explains how membrane potential has a profound effect on cell proliferation and organism development.

Xenobot: The revolutionary new robot made from frogs | Michael Levin and Lex Fridman


Michael Levin holds forth on computer-designed “xenobots”, which make use of biomimetics and generative design.

Free will is an illusion – a biologist explains | Michael Levin and Lex Fridman


In this video, Michael Levin explains how free will is an illusion.

27 Michael Levin – Memory and intelligent problem-solving by unconventional collective intelligences


In this video, Michael Levin outlines how cells form a sort of collective intelligence.

Unlocking Diverse Intelligence: Hacking the Spectrum of Mind with Michael Levin | Mind-Body Solution


A presentation by Michael Levin about how minds are technically everywhere, if we count cells as thinking machines.

Taming the Technological Dragon and Re-Minding the Universe (dialogue with Michael Levin)


In this recent webinar, Michael Levin talks about technology and cognition and their relationship.

The science of the “self” | Michael Levin


This is a video by Michael Levin on how your cells become “you”.

Megacities on the Move (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)


These 2011 clips by Forum for the Future are disturbingly prescient in their depiction of the communitarian and “sustainable” future that the technocrats wish to create.

We are failing to see how much better off humanity could be


This clip by Rational Animations suggests that transhumanism might be used not only to eliminate death, but to enable entirely new sensory experiences that never existed before.

Songdo: Go Inside The City Of The Future


This is a 2018 video about the Songdo IBD in South Korea and its Smart City tech.

How South Korea Built a City Out of The Sea


This 2021 video is about how the Songdo IBD was built.

Another failed city project. How did the Smart City Songdo in South Korea become a ghost town??


This is a 2023 presentation about how the Songdo IBD is a ghost town.

South Korea is a Cyberpunk Dystopia


This video essay by Quinn Henry describes how South Korea is a Blade Runner-style cyberpunk dystopia.

What is a smart city? | CNBC Explains


This 2017 clip by CNBC describes what a smart city is, and how it involves putting CCTV cameras everywhere to track, monitor, and classify people’s activity.

Smart City: How do you live in a Smart City? | Future Smart City Projects | Surveillance or Utopia?


This 2019 video is about how Smart Cities are being developed.

Tel Aviv’s Smart City journey with Microsoft


This is a video on how Microsoft Israel are turning Tel Aviv into a Smart City.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa gets set to become the world’s first city with a network of smart roadways


Oh, yeah, let’s just drive our cars over induction chargers all day. I’m sure this will be fantastic for our health.

Smart Cities: Singapore


This 2016 video is about Singapore’s embrace of Smart City tech.

12-Year-Old Mocks Greta Thunberg On Mass Surveillance & Smart Cities


In this video, a 12-year-old girl utterly annihilates the whole concept of 15-minute cities.

Adam Greenfield on the Dangers of Smart Cities


In this 2020 presentation, Adam Greenfield describes how Smart Cities will be used as data sinks to gather information on people for the purpose of Surveillance Capitalism.

THE LINE: Saudi Arabia’s City of the Future in NEOM


This is a documentary about the construction of The Line, a bizarre 170-kilometer-long wall-shaped arcology in Saudi Arabia that will supposedly house nine million people.

The best explanation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ever


In this 2019 clip, Graeme Codrington explains what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?


In this recent video, David Shapiro describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as the ones that preceded it.

4IR factory of the future


This webinar describes how 4IR and digitization were used to speed up the production of ventilators during the pandemic. Kind of freaky in hindsight, now that we know how bad the outcomes were from ventilator use.

GPT Explained!


This video from 2020 explains how GPT and the transformer architecture works.

Illustrated Guide to Transformers Neural Network: A step by step explanation


This video from 2020 is a detailed outline of how transformer-based neural networks function.

Let’s build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out.


This very cool video from earlier this year demonstrates how GPT is built, from scratch.

What Is AlphaFold? | NEJM


This is a presentation by NEJM on AlphaFold, a protein structure prediction AI.

Highly Accurate Protein Structure Prediction with AlphaFold | SimonKohl


This is a lengthy 2022 presentation on protein structure prediction with AlphaFold.

The Coming of Age of De Novo Protein Design


This is an NIH lecture on de novo protein design, and how deep learning algorithms may be used to greatly accelerate the process.

The Future of Security – Leveraging Cognitive Security for Better Human Decision-Making


This is a 2018 presentation on how AI may be used to scrape the internet for security data and intel.

Newport Lecture Series: “Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Warfare” with Yvonne Masakowski


This is a lengthy and detailed 2022 presentation by the US Naval War College on artificial intelligence and cognitive warfare.

COGSEC 2021 Fireside Chat w/ Dan Rather, Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints) & Avery Trufelman – Mar 4, 2021


Dan Rather, Natalie Wynn, and Avery Trufelman discuss “cognitive security” and misinformation.

Simulation #574 Dr. David Perlman – Misinformation Security


David Perlman, the founder of CogSec Technologies, describes how he wants to provide misinformation security services to social media companies.

Disinformation, Infosec, Cognitive Security, and Influence Manipulation (CxOTalk #353)


A talk by Sara-Jayne Terp, Pablo Breuer, and David A. Bray about infosec, COGSEC, and influence operations.

From Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity and Cognitive Security (CXOTalk #781)


This is a talk from earlier this year on how AI can be used in cognitive warfare and cybersecurity.

‘No, No, No, No’: Dan Bishop Forces Mayorkas To Answer Question About Social Media Suppression


Just for fun, here’s Mayorkas turning redder than a beet while being grilled on censorship.

2070 Paradigm Shift, a TED talk by Sam Hyde (HD)


How this series of videos makes me feel.


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