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by David T. Ratcliffe, rat haus reality press, 22 Dec 2022

The consequence of the Doctrine of Domination is the increasing-to-the-breaking-point concentration of financial wealth and exercise of control in fewer and fewer hands. The Domination System Original Free Peoples have been dealing with for over 500 years is now coming after the 99%. We are confronted with a global spiritual world war of unbridled dimensions, ever more treacherous given its purpose is cloaked in the false promise of biosecurity. Everyone’s birthright of free will, exercising one’s unique wisdom and intelligence, is in danger of being subjugated, captured, vanquished, and, as has already occurred for many people, being extinguished and killed. Every person on Mother Earth has extraordinary gifts and powers, gifted by one’s Creator, to meet the challenges our species collectively faces. Once the numbing mind-fog spell of fear is faced and understood, there are no limits to what can be imagined and acted upon to contribute to discovering unknown possibilities of manifesting life-affirming processes that meet the needs of all.

This is the final part of trilogy, completing the circle.

Understanding is based on recognition of the fact that in each moment, I choose to interpret what I perceive in precisely the way I choose to interpret it. I choose. No one else is response able for my state of psychic being. This makes me absolutely accountable to my self for the psychic reality I construct in each moment. This response ability exists within each of us. Life perpetually invites us to see and act upon this constantly changing but ever-present opening to greater wholeness. The choice is ours alone to make.

In 1996, E. Martin “Marty” Schotz self-published History Will Not Absolve Us: Orwellian Control, Public Denial, and the Murder of President Kennedy. Its incisive focus on the assassination of the 35th President “in a conspiracy organized at the highest echelons of power in Washington” “reveals the Orwellian techniques by which the public has allowed itself to be led into confusion about the assassination and assembles the documentary evidence necessary to know without a doubt who killed President Kennedy and why.” (See the nonpareil work of Jim Douglass, Vincent Salandria, and Marty Schotz to know without a doubt who killed President Kennedy and why.)

Today in 2022, the Orwellian techniques by which the public has allowed itself to be led into confusion about what constitutes “Pubic Health,” informed consent, freedom of thought and speech, and human dignity, are revealed in the unprecedented global, experimental medical intervention and integral censorship program smothering all perspectives not conforming to the single, all-encompassing one-size-fits-all official narrative.

While the actual facts involving the assassination of President Kennedy might not seem relevant today, official government statements, echoed and reinforced in corporate state press organs, indicate otherwise. Take the following, from the 10 June 2022 Boston Globe, page 1 headline, ‘The world is watching’: Jan. 6 evidence tells the story, by Luike Broadwater, New York Times, page A5:

The assertion of integrity in “landmark fact-finding committees” including the Kennedy assassination, is beyond ludicrous. And yet, who benefits by this class of statements that are continually trotted out as uncontested facts? Certainly not the 99% of humanity that this perception management operation is directed at.

Pre-eminent journalist, investigator, and author Gaeton Fonzi spoke in 1993 about Getting Slapped In The Face By US Intelligence Over and Over and Over Again – When Will We Wake Up? At one point he referred to Mr. Schotz’s observation that,

“It is so important to understand that one of the primary means of immobilizing the American people politically today is to hold them in a state of confusion in which anything can be believed but nothing can be known, nothing of significance that is.

“And the American people are more than willing to be held in this state because to know the truth—as opposed to only believe the truth—is to face an awful terror and to be no longer able to evade responsibility. It is precisely in moving from belief to knowledge that the citizen moves from irresponsibility to responsibility, from helplessness and hopelessness to action with the ultimate aim of being empowered and confident in one’s rational powers.”

So Marty Schotz is absolutely right. Today most Americans BELIEVE there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, but they don’t KNOW it. They don’t want to KNOW it—and our government doesn’t want to KNOW it and our elected representatives don’t want to KNOW it because KNOWING it would mean having to do something about it. That’s an awesome thought.

Decades later, we are living in period of 2.5 years and counting where many people continue to believe “the pandemic” is so uniquely dangerous that the cancellation of a vast array of inalienable rights is appropriate and necessary. What has been dictated from on high—lockdowns[][††], chronically misused testing, masks, social (note: not physical) distancing, blackout of strikingly effective repurposed drugs and therapies keeping people out of hospital and recovering from illness, and the terrifying, unspeakable toll of injuries and death from experimental injections—has been effected by the concerted, singular playbook carried out almost universally around the globe. The corresponding suppression of the actual consequences of this watershed catastrophe in the history of our species has made it possible for people to evade knowing what has occurred. Hence the ultimate good of being empowered and confident in exercising one’s rational powers has been effectively cut off by the broken-record drumbeat of falsehoods and untruths buttressed by the suffocation of empirical knowledge demonstrating the hollow claims for what they are: lies, obfuscations, omissions and distortions.

In 2018 James Tracy assembled The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know in which are presented “historical and contemporary facts—by no means exhaustive—provid[ing] a glimpse of…the power such entities possess to influence if not determine popular memory and what respectable institutions deem to be the historical record.”

The GAO report on Operation Warp Speed (Feb 2021) opens with: “The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in catastrophic loss of life and substantial damage to the global economy, stability, and security.” The official narrative’s claim of catastrophic loss of life due to the lethality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is based on the categorical misuse of what the CDC branded as the “Gold Standard” diagnostic tool: the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction or RT-PCR test. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, was very clear about it being designed as a manufacturing techniquenot as a diagnostic tool. As Dr. Byram Bridle evaluated this in cogent detail, “Misuse of An Elegant Scientific Technique Has Plagued COVID-19 Science From the Very Beginning.” In this way, mis-informing/dis-informing data pronouncements by government officials and so-called medical experts created an extremely dangerous false narrative about the lethal nature of SARS-CoV-2 and counting deaths from Covid.

The following Appendices from History Will Not Absolve Us scratch the surface of the global holocaust occurring from the experimental injections being perpetrated by government decrees, mandates and relentless corporate state propaganda:

I. Deaths from C19 Vaccines
II. Pfizer Post-Marketing Data, Dec 2020 – Feb 2021
IV. C19 Vaccine Deaths: Analysis & Reports (updated 04-25-23)
V. C19 Vaccine Injuries: Analysis & Reports (updated 04-15-23)

Since February, 2022, Mark Crispin Miller has been publishing every week an ongoing compilation, In Memory of Those Who Have “Died Suddenly”. That no one authority in the FDA, CDC, NIAID, NIH, HHS, DOD will yet acknowledge nor address the inescapable anomalies and profound contradictions that belie the “safe and effective” parroting of government and media talking heads should give one pause:

Our single human family is dealing with the consequences of medical nemesis writ large. Ivan Illich wrote of clinical, social, and cultural iatrogenesis as being self-reinforcing: “Iatrogenesis is clinical when pain, sickness, and death result from medical care; it is social when health policies reinforce an industrial organization that generates ill-health; it is cultural and symbolic when medically sponsored behavior and delusions restrict the vital autonomy of people by undermining their competence in growing up, caring for each other, and aging, or when medical intervention cripples personal responses to pain, disability, impairment, anguish, and death.” Today, the Domination System’s imperative to permanently extinguish our vital autonomy is reaching critical mass. The immutable bond and individual relationship to the Big Holy each of us was born with is the eternal source of balance and strength guiding and informing our steps.

Fighting back today is an all-or-nothing struggle. Children and all those yet unborn look to us for the sake and integrity of their future; a life-affirming and life-loving future where humility, receptivity, compassion and empathy, and deep reverence inform all choices made on behalf of the seventh generation yet unborn. The close of the Introduction to Marty Schotz’s 1996 book brings us full circle to the challenge all of us who honor our Creator are summoned to be informed by.

As citizens who have turned away for thirty years from the truth of the murder of our elected head of state, we should not be surprised that today we find our nation in intellectual, political, and moral chaos. Confronting the truth of President Kennedy’s assassination and its coverup is but one small step on a long path out of that chaos and toward healing, a path along which we must confront the true nature of our democracy and the reality of what our nation has become for its own citizens and for people throughout the world. Such a process of healing is not pleasant. It is a difficult and painful path, but it is a necessary one. History will not absolve us.

The GOOD NEWS is the expanding mass of souls devoted to honoring and serving Life’s needs here on Mother Earth. Just now discovering Sasha Latypova’s re-ignited substack. Her Be Not Afraid: Introduction, My Background and Motivation acknowledges the silver lining to the Domination System’s spawn including the US military prototype project:

I collaborate with 100+ amazing people whom I met in this fight – scientists, doctors, engineers, software wizards, lawyers, journalists. As many will attest, the silver lining of the global descent into totalitarian hell is that we met each other. Working with these incredible individuals fills me with a profound sense of awe in the divine power that created and guides us, gives me (maybe irrational) sense of optimism, and motivates me to do more.

See Appendix 14 for some of the souls giving their all to support our single, fragile, supremely gifted human family. Annnd, those cited/referenced above in this essay, are but a very, very small number of people confronting the true nature of our society, what our nation has become for its own citizens and for people throughout the world, and committed to lay bare the darkness and promote the light.

It’s that everything [in the Cold War in 1962-1963] was totally out of control and then, through a kind of incredible process where these two men were communicating secretly with each other over the year previous [Sep 1962-63], and smuggling letters back and forth to each other, in the midst of this conflict, they were beginning to trust each other…. It’s a remarkable process. And it’s all beneath the surface. But so are all the things that count as Merton understood…. And that’s why I have some hopes that if we are willing to go deeply enough into the darkness – and Kennedy was, and Khrushchev was – anything can happen for the good. But if we don’t go into the darkness it doesn’t happen

—Jim Douglass at Elliot Bay Books, 6 May 6, 2008

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