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Great Reset Playbook: Ukraine

Pfizer Covid vaccine has 1,291 side effects reveals official documents
The Rio Times, 7 Mar 2022

  • Hrvoje Morić interview: Dmitry Orlov: Russia’s Incursion Into Ukraine Necessary for Security, Geopolitics & Empire (mp3: 54:14) 28 Feb 2022
    Dmitry Orlov discusses the Ukraine situation and Russia undoing 30 years worth of accumulated damage, while the West punishes itself attempting to thwart Moscow. He discusses the legality of Russia’s military incursion which is absolutely necessary in terms of its security. Putin’s goals are to militarily neutralize Ukraine, get rid of the Nazi extremists, and form a new legal structure. Regarding energy, the U.S. can’t go without Russia for more than a few months, Russia can go without the U.S. practically forever. Western hysteria threatens escalation of the conflict. Dmitry reveals the mystery of why Putin sits at the far end of the table. He feels the U.S. is destroying the dollar which will destroy American living standards. Western leaders are losing their electorate and he’s concerned of the mental damage that has occurred throughout the West and thinks living in a place of social cohesion will be important.
  • NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard
    Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner
    Washington D.C., December 12, 2017 – U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 and on into 1991, according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University
  • Triggering War. The Urgent Need to Understand Catalytic Events that Initiate War, Prof Graeme MacQueen, Global Research, 8 Sep 2018
    War triggers can lead affected populations to cast aside their critical faculties and their willingness to dissent from government narratives. They can also disable moral values and ideological commitments. At the outbreak of World War I the peace movement, the women’s movement and the socialist movement were all shattered….
    We would do well to remember that the on-going production of managed and manufactured war triggers takes great resources and cannot forever remain leak-proof. It carries serious risks for war planners. The successful and definitive exposure of even one of these frauds before the people of the world could affect the balance of power overnight.
  • Documentary: Ukraine on Fire, Oliver Stone (1:33:46) 2016 Trailer (2:49)
    Archived Synopsis: Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west–Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it?
       Ukraine on Fire by Igor Lopatonok provides a historical perspective for the deep divisions in the region which lead to the 2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 uprisings, and the violent overthrow of democratically elected Yanukovych. Covered by Western media as a people’s revolution, it was in fact a coup d’état scripted and staged by nationalist groups and the U.S. State Department. Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how U.S.-funded political NGOs and media companies have emerged since the 80s replacing the CIA in promoting America’s geopolitical agenda abroad.
       Executive producer Oliver Stone gains unprecedented access to the inside story through his on-camera interviews with former President Viktor Yanukovych and Minister of Internal Affairs, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, who explain how the U.S. Ambassador and factions in Washington actively plotted for regime change. And, in his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Stone solicits Putin’s take on the significance of Crimea, NATO and the U. S’s history of interference in elections and regime change in the region.
    The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth – short adaptation of “Ukraine On Fire” by Greg Reese (6:25)