puzzlepieceIt is our intention to develop a presentation about little-known, unknown and alternative American history that is respectful, informative and objective ~ not strident, pedantic or patronizing ~ one of such a professional and educational quality that it will be widely respected. Presentations of the Hidden History Center will be based on sound scholarship, but at the same time they will offer visitors an intriguing, enjoyable, interactive experience.

All material presented will be tested against both academic and journalistic guidelines for accurate, verifiable, documented information. The Hidden History Center will strive to comply with the Best Standards and Practices guidelines of the American Association of Museums.

Rather than expressing conclusions or speculations beyond the facts, the Hidden History Center will use factual materials and evidence to raise questions about common assumptions, misperceptions and paradigms, encouraging more study and research on the part of visitors and students. A balanced approach to historical questions and controversies, presenting conflicting points of view as well as factual data, can assist and encourage thoughtful reconsideration and perhaps shift paradigms and assumptions, letting visitors decide for themselves, after reviewing the best evidence and facts.

questionmarkPresentations of the Hidden History Center are intended to raise new questions, reveal new evidence and documents, and expose what has been hidden by secrecy, mis-education, omission and current prevailing viewpoints. The Center will encourage further research and study, suggest multiple credible sources, and point to areas that remain unresolved.