Gaeton Fonzi PHOTO: Marie Fonzi
Gaeton Fonzi in his home office in Miami. Photo courtesy of Marie Fonzi

“Gaeton was a man of extraordinary courage, integrity and talent. In a significant and unique manner he has contributed to history. His journalistic and historical work will endure as the very finest. As an investigative reporter he had no peer.” —Vincent Salandria

“Gaeton was fearless, a warrior whose only weapons were eloquent words based on intensive, unbiased research. Throughout his career as a journalist, he exposed crooked union bosses, corrupt newsmen and politicians, deviant intelligence operatives, and cold-blooded killers, without any fear of possible retaliation. He was reminded of his dangerous path as neighbors familiar with his work expressed a hope that a bomber would find the right house. But neither the possibility of physical violence nor the reality of multi-million dollar lawsuits frightened him as he responded to critics with even more powerful words. Following publication of his Washingtonian article, this soft-spoken gentleman treated threats from both David Atlee Phillips and Bob Blakey as only a warrior would: He expanded the magazine article into a book, The Last Investigation.” —Marie Fonzi

An archive of some of Gaeton Fonzi’s work is now available at: <>.