This excerpt is the beginning of Orientation for new readers. Text and video links.

Katherine Watt on Baliwick News:

There is a lot of material here at Bailiwick.

If you’re new, here’s some orientation.

I’m not a lawyer. I’m a paralegal and writer.

I do legal research and writing to support civil and criminal cases brought in American courts, and to educate and mobilize more people to exert social and political pressure on federal and state legislators, prosecutors and judges, to terminate the interlocking control-and-cull campaigns operated under a fraudulent national emergency framework; hold accountable the US Government officials who pseudo-authorize, actually-fund, and run the programs; and set up relief programs for injured victims and survivors of the dead.

I post sacred art with my writing because I’m Catholic, the art is beautiful, the saints are inspiring, and without the faith that my father passed down to me, I could not do this work.

If you’re a new reader and want to read a few posts to get mostly caught up, please start with these:

Sasha Latypova, writing at Due Diligence and Art, Substack

Patrick Delaney, writing at LifeSite News


Legal history in other formats:

If you want to go back and follow the legal research trail from January 2022, all of my work is compiled by month in footnoted PDFs and those are available at Bailiwick’s WordPress backup site. (Scroll down past the Affidavit of Noncompliance and Selected Essays to 2022 Bailiwick News.)