Complete annotated transcripts of this 5-part documentary—see TABLE OF CONTENTS—were produced to increase visibility and access to the wealth of wisdom and critical analysis presented herein:

Episode 1. Here We Go Again On Steroids, 30 Jan 2023
Episode 2. Anyone Who Wants To Start A War Has To Lie, 31 Jan 2023
Episode 3. Breaking The Veil Of The Real Conspirators, 1 Feb 2023
Episode 4. This Time Around We’re All Jews, 2 Feb 2023
Episode 5. Never Give In – Never Give Up, 3 Feb 2023

Director Vera Sharav describes her perspective on this:

During these de-stabilizing three years, I have come to believe, like many other Holocaust survivors, that our survival was for a purpose. Our fear is that we may be the last witnesses who remember how:

  • A highly educated society and its exemplary academic, scientific, and cultural institutions were perverted;
  • Moral norms and legal safeguards were discarded;
  • The fabric of society was torn apart as segments of the population were disqualified;
  • Decent people became agents of industrialized mass murder.

The survivors and family members in this documentary share their knowledge, and their painful memories of the unprecedented industrial-scale human catastrophe. We believe that the purpose of our survival is not only to remember; but to warn others about how fear and propaganda condition people to follow repressive – even murderous – government dictates.

  • We know how the suspension of personal freedom, the suspension of civil rights, and the silencing of dissent, devolve into genocide.

Current invocations of “depopulation solutions” are chilling and foreboding.

  • Depopulation is invoked to solve supposed problems such as: “limited resources” and “global warming” and “climate change”;
  • An unprecedented mandatory vaccination campaign subjected hundreds of millions of people to an experimental, genetically manipulated injectable product;
  • The product’s safety and efficacy were untested;
  • Its ingredients are top secret;
  • And its promoters referred to this vaccine as the “Final Solution” to the pandemic.

I interpret these ominous verbal references as veiled codes for another planned human catastrophe. That realization propelled me to embark on a project I had never engaged in before – a documentary with the intention to open people’s minds to the current, ominous, genocidal “solutions” that a band of global oligarchs have set in motion. Another important objective of the documentary was to expose the false narrative that has (for decades) obscured the active participation of multinational corporations, global financiers, and family dynasties – who facilitated and profiteered from the genocidal Nazi regime and its slave labor force.


Never Again is Now Global is the only documentary dealing with the Holocaust directed by a Holocaust survivor. In addition to survivors, our documentary brings together testimonies of children and grandchildren of survivors and victims; German descendants of victims as well as a grandson of Nazi scientists. The participants who expressed their alarm about the current nefarious global operation include doctors, scientists, a Rabbi, and African American freedom fighters.


Uwe Alschner is a historian who gave testimony in the 5th Episode, Never Give In—Never Give Up:

This documentary was produced to facilitate a discussion within the general public about similarities between events leading up to the Holocaust and the present events all around the world in what was called “the Covid-Pandemic”. As is laid out in the Report of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust, presented on September 27, 1979: “A survivor sees himself or herself as a messenger and guardian of secrets entrusted to them. A survivor feels he or she may be the last to remember, the last to warn….
This documentary is intended to serve as a warning to Humanity: Never Again Is Now Global. We encourage you to watch and share this important documentary. However as a disclaimer at the start of the film points out, the documentary “contains true life images of atrocities then and nowViewer discretion is advised.

Demonstrating how the past is prologue to today, Attorney Warren Mendenhall points up “a beautiful court ruling during a national emergency… In our current national and worldwide ‘emergency,’ the suppression of dissent in the face of compulsory shots and medical protocols, and the suppression of a variety of treatments for Covid19 has killed millions.” From Sep 2022, The law is literary:

“Struggles to coerce uniformity of sentiment in support of some end thought essential to their time and country have been waged by many good as well as by evil men. Nationalism is a relatively recent phenomenon but at other times and places the ends have been racial or territorial security, support of a dynasty or regime, and particular plans for saving souls. As first and moderate methods to attain unity have failed, those bent on its accomplishment must resort to an ever increasing severity….[t]hose who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only unanimity of the graveyard.”

The toll of deaths[I][II][III] and Injuries from the experimental injections is staggering and, for too many, “unbelievable”. Attorney Todd Callender describes some of the “unbelieveable” dynamic of what IS occurring in hospitals:

… why do I say the hospitals are murdering people? Because I’m involved in trying to get people out of them. As part of my analysis, in trying to help people escape the ICU intensive care, I’ve stumbled on a variety of things that are really quite interesting from a legal perspective. And that is that in 2008, the US Government merged Public Health with Law Enforcement, with the Judiciary and with Corrections. All four of them are now under one roof…. My client went in with an aneurysm. The client was nonetheless treated in the exact same format I’m telling you about: with the Midazolam, with the Remdesivir. They put him in the Covid ward. They never had Covid. But what they did, instead, was they they doped him up on morphine and fentanyl and a variety of a cocktail of drugs. I called the hospital’s lawyer and said, Listen, we want to move him to other care. And the hospital’s lawyer told me, No, your client is going to die in our hospital. This was his words…. Open Secrets, Mar 2022

In Episode 5, Scott Schara gives testimony of how his daughter Grace was murdered in the hospital. In his second segment, Scott explains the horror that has seared his soul:

You have this white coat phenomenon. Grace died because I trusted the white coat and I don’t want anybody to fall trap to that. And the bigger picture is, the elites believe: “We’ve got to control the population because the planet can’t sustain itself.”[15a][15b] So they invent COVID, and then they use it as a cover, as Step One to implement this massive agenda.[16] It’s all out there. But I mean, people don’t want to believe this. And I didn’t either. I mean, you think “it can’t be this bad”. But it is that bad.[17]
I mean, I am just the dad who is learning this in real time and I’m awake now and once you’re awake, you can’t stop sharing this. This has become my life. It’s all consuming because you just want to—of course, you just want to help other people.[18a][18b]
Jessica called me after one of the interviews and she said, Dad, Grace is looking down from you and saying: “Way to go Earthly Dad.” The numbers are staggering. The government has paid out the hospitals already as in the form of COVID treatment bonuses, including the death bonuses, four trillion.[19a] This is in the United States.[19b] Four trillion dollars has already been paid out to implement this agenda.[19c] We’re the only country with over a million deaths attributable to COVID.[19d] We’re the only country where Remdesivir is the recommended treatment.[19e] The only one.
The single most important thing that shocked me is how corrupt our government is. They are so corrupt. There’s not one thing that they say that you can trust. It’s just mind blowing to me. It is like zombies walking around. “We need a 16th booster? let’s go. I can hardly wait to get my next booster.” I mean, are you kidding me? Their neighbor dies. The person’s been perfectly healthy, their neighbor dies. Don’t you connect the—don’t you even think? Well, he just got the jab two weeks ago. “Well, that has nothing to do with his death.” I mean, my gosh, this stuff is, it’s just happening right in front of you, but you cannot—you refuse to connect the dots.[IXa][IXb][IXc][IXd][IXd]
That is also part of the banality of evil. They’ve trained critical thinking out of the school system. But if you don’t cut off the head of the cobra, it keeps coming back. But what’s the head of the Cobra? It isn’t these individuals carrying out the work. It isn’t that they shouldn’t have consequences and be accountable. I’m not against that at all. But eugenics never died. Until that stops, and that’s in the heart of men. So until the hearts are changed, this cannot be stopped. History is always doomed to repeat itself because we don’t deal with the head of the cobra, which is the heart, which is the heart of man. Our research is: this is a worldwide holocaust.

Scott Schara is doing everything he can to help others wake up. He continues developing Our Amazing Grace and in February 2023 began the video channel, Deprogramming With Graces Dad. Recent interviews of note include: