Released on the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this an expanded 2017 digital edition.

MAY 29, 2017 – rat haus reality press, (PDF format) — Released today: a greatly expanded digital edition of the book John Kelin first created in 1999. This archival treasury contains the essays by Philadelphia lawyer Vincent J. Salandria from 1964 into 2016 presenting his evolving understanding of the assassination of President Kennedy. Beginning with authoring the first critical analysis of the contradictions between the Warren Report and the 26 volumes of Hearings and Exhibits, showing in extensive detail how the conclusions did not match the evidence the government published, Salandria went on to study the crux of the matter: the why of the assassination.

The complete book—in triplicate—is available via a number of easy-to-remember URLS, any of which will take you there: