It gives me great pleasure to announce publication of this new digital book by Graeme MacQueen.  I began working with Graeme last fall to assemble this volume of his most significant works.  The book contains a collection of his articles and essays on the attacks of September 11, 2001, the subsequent anthrax attacks, and analyses of other false flag operations.  They are profoundly important and shatter the official versions of those events.  A dear friend to both of us, Ed Curtin writes:

MacQueen’s conclusions are not based on rhetoric but on a deep empirical analyses, facts not propaganda. With this volume, Graeme MacQueen takes his place alongside David Ray Griffin as a prophet without honor in his own time. History will declare him a hero. To write the Book’s Introduction is a great honor, for my esteem for Graeme and his work is immense.

It is a supreme challenge to find and know the truth in our world we all belong to by right of birth.  Speaking in Selma, Alabama on 8 March 1965, Martin King crystalized this dynamic:

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.

For the children, all our other than human kin, and all that follow us here,
Dave Ratcliffe, Assistant Director, Museum of Hidden History


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The Pentagon’s B-Movie
Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks
by Graeme MacQueen

The author at the Toronto Hearings, 2011
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Graeme MacQueen received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University and taught in the Religious Studies Department of McMaster University for 30 years. While at McMaster he became founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster, after which he helped developed the B.A. program in Peace Studies and oversaw the development of peace-building projects in Sri Lanka, Gaza, Croatia and Afghanistan. He was a member of the organizing committee of the Toronto Hearings held on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, was a member of the international 9/11 Consensus Panel, and was co-editor of The Journal of 9/11 Studies.
We have been told that the truth will set us free. Less emphasized is how the truth will stalk, haunt and disquiet us along the way. Few of us really have the tenacity to dwell for any length of time with those sorts of truths. Doing so is like dwelling in deep waters where it’s dark, cold, and the temptation to surface too quickly threatens us with a kind of spiritual bends. Fewer of us still try to give elusive truths their full account under the scrutiny of peers and public. Among these fewest of few, Graeme MacQueen stands out, making this remarkable collection of essays, spanning 15 years of epochal shifts in world affairs, one for the bookshelf of the ages.
Matthew Witt has a Ph.D. in urban studies from Portland State University and since 2001 has been Professor of Public Administration, University of La Verne, California.
As I reflect on how I managed to penetrate the multi-layered shield of propaganda concealing the crimes of 9/11, I realize that two things were most important for me. On the one hand, there was the physical evidence, such as the free fall of Building 7, and, on the other hand, there were the writings and lectures of Graeme MacQueen. Graeme MacQueen clothed the skeleton of physical evidence with a living body. His rigorous approach to evaluating available evidence is an outstanding example of the overwhelming power of science.
To read these works from across the years is to revisit an era of overwhelming darkness, to make our way again through the choking clouds of demolished concrete and disintegrated flesh. But this time we have a guide who lights our way. There is no more incisive writer on the origins and upkeep of the Global War on Terror than Graeme MacQueen. Wielding elegant prose and irresistible logic, he parses eyewitness accounts and scientific absurdities, “failures of imagination” and National Security special effects. He is equal parts journalist, philosopher, media critic and political historian. Archivist par excellence Dave Ratcliffe has made these essential essays available just when we need them most, as the world comes to grips with yet another hideous agenda from the “pitiless oligarchs” that author them. Read Graeme MacQueen and take strength.
John Kirby, director, The American Ruling Class and the forthcoming Four Died Trying.
Dr. Graeme MacQueen is one of the most knowledgeable researchers I know on the events of 9/11 and their sequelae. Besides his own deep, original research, he contributed tirelessly and effectively to the unique consensus project, the 9/11 Consensus Panel, from 2011 to 2018.
Elizabeth Woodworth, professional librarian and co-author of 9/11 Unmasked; co-founder with Dr. David Ray Griffin of the 23-member Consensus 9/11 Panel.
This volume draws together sixteen years of research documenting and analysing the multiple anomalies which lie at the heart of the official 9/11 narrative and other related events. The abundance of evidence presented here leads us toward dark and unpalatable truths about the events of 11 September 2001, and the extent to which our democracies have been subverted by nefarious actors. We are living through an age dominated by propaganda, deception and coercion. MacQueen’s contribution, characterised by tenacity, integrity and intellectual rigour, provides us with the possibility of escape.
Piers Robinson, co-director, Organisation for Propaganda Studies and former Chair in Politics, Society and Political Journalism, University of Sheffield.
This new digital book from Graeme MacQueen is a most welcome addition to the body of knowledge about the crimes of 9/11 and related events. MacQueen’s unique perspective and his careful analysis of events, processes, and language allow possible explanations for such historic events to be evaluated equitably and intelligently. The articles collected here demonstrate how future events of historic and political impact must be analyzed if we are to understand the truth behind crimes that facilitate war and government overreach.
Graeme MacQueen is one of the foremost and consistent critics of the official narratives of 9/11. This event, under-investigated still today, remains a key landmark in the evolution of neocon orthodoxy and its global footprint. To unpack 9/11 is to stoke a fire beneath the ramparts of the orthodoxy of uncritical silence that pervades almost the entirety of western mainstream media and universities.
Oliver Boyd-Barrett, media analyst, author, Professor Emeritus of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.
MacQueen’s work leaves future generations of researchers a legacy of profound importance. His meticulous analysis enables deeper understanding and ultimately the re-interpretation of pivotal but fraudulent events that were used to shape narratives and so to mind control (a mostly western) public into today’s increasingly dystopian reality. His broad sweep of work is a wonderfully accessible and honest account of some of the most important events of recent decades; events such as 911 whose corollary has been further escalation of death and conflict as, for example, the ‘War on Terror.’ Since witnessing him deliver his analysis of New York firefighters speaking of ‘explosions’ in the Twin Towers, and reading ‘The Toronto Hearings’, I have great admiration for his work.
Dr Lucy Morgan Edwards spent the years before and after 911 in Afghanistan and is a former Political Advisor to the EU Ambassador and Author of The Afghan Solution; the inside story of Abdul Haq, the CIA and how Western hubris lost Afghanistan.