Hidden History Center in York, PA

HHC 1 in York, PA, Oct 2016The Hidden History Center is a library and research center. It contains the McGehee and Penn Jones Collections, as well as a very large collection of books and archival documents that belonged to our founder, John Judge.

The Center is located in York, Pennsylvania, at Hayshire Plaza, 2915 North George Street, Suite 2. It is a pleasant first-floor location, just over a mile from the North George Street exit off I-83. Comprised of five rooms, it has plenty of space for its growing collection of books and archival documents.



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HHC 2 in York, PA, Oct 2016


One of the rooms at the Center contains the collection of Ralph McGehee, a disaffected CIA agent who donated his books and documents to John Judge. The collection covers U.S. covert actions all around the world. It contains approximately 100 boxes and is partially inventoried, using an app called “Book Crawler.” We still need to complete this inventory.

HHC 3 in York, PA, Oct 2016


The largest room at the center is the room we call the Political Book Room. It contains nine filing cabinets and approximately 200 boxes of political books that were in the library of John Judge. Some of these books would be easily available from other sources, but there are also some rare, one-of-a-kind and autographed books. All of these books still need to be inventoried.



There are also two rooms at the Center called the Archive Rooms. They contain approximately 285 boxes of documents, photos, and video and audio tapes. All of these materials were in the collection of John Judge.

HHC 4 in York, PA, Oct 2016
 HHC 5 in York, PA, Oct 2016







Our plan is to sort all of these materials into categories, and eventually to digitize them and make them available online. sort the 285 boxes of papers. We have set up a filing system and are beginning to

HHC 6 in York, PA, Oct 2016We have also set up an office for our Executive Director, Marilyn Tenenoff, in the room that contains John Judge’s personal book collection. This room contains mementos of John, as well as 80 boxes of his personal books. It is easy to feel John’s powerful presence when standing in this room.






As you can see, this is a massive project. There is much to be done. We are working to create a user-friendly library and research center. We are also devising a master index and cataloging system by which to organize the collection.

If you are located near York, Pennsylvania, and would like to help us inventory books and sort and scan documents, please send us word through the fill-out form on the Contact page and let us know you have an interest in helping.  Also consider signing up for our mailing list to receive word about new materials and developments.