The Unspeakable, The Unthinkable,
and The Imperative to Increase Consciousness
David T. Ratcliffe, rat haus reality press, New Moon: 7 May 2024

This is a personal reflection guided by a steadfast curiosity to understand how the world we all belong to by right of birth actually operates. I write it in concert with illuminated souls I have had the privilege to work with and learn from.

Always remember: we are divine beings having a physical experience. Dogma has been used to take away the idea of our own divinity and put it in the hands of someone else. Tyranny started with that idea of laying dogma on people and pulling everyone away from their own relationship to spirit. There is no greater purpose than to choose for ourselves the lens we adopt to view the world and our place in it. Doing so opens us up to seeing more of the infinite mystery life contains and expresses through all our relations.

Recognizing the intelligence we have been given by our Creator and using it as clearly and coherently as we possibly can is the antidote to the entire techno-logic perceptional reality that is based upon death. The eventual, inevitable outcome of such reality is oblivion and annihilation. It is our responsibility as human beings to see and acknowledge this and then act upon this understanding.