Judge For Yourself Researcher John Judge’s Book Is Now Available

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Judge For Yourself

Researcher John Judge’s Book Is Now Available

John Judge, the cofounder of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
(COPA), once again has his brilliant research work available in print.

Say Something Real Press – May 22, 2017 JUDGE FOR YOURSELF is the title of a new collection of the work of John Judge, the well-known political researcher and activist. Featuring a foreword by Kenn Thomas (The Octopus) and an introduction by David Ratcliffe (Understanding Special Operations), the book compiles some of Judge’s best-known essays and interviews. A researcher and activist who studied the Kennedy assassination alongside researchers like Mae Brussell and Penn Jones, Judge was the head of COPA and the founder of the Museum of Hidden History and the Hidden History Center.

The book tackles not only JFK but dozens of other topics in hidden history, including the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the real story of what happened with Jim Jones, and his take on what the term “UFO” really refers to! Astonishing and prescient, this is the book you need to make sense of our time. The volume was edited by Dissenting Views author Joseph E. Green and is being distributed via Say Something Real Press LLC.

Purchase link: <https://www.amazon.com/dp/0998889806/ref=sr_1……>

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