The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction - Artificial Intelligence

The global danger inherent in nuclear weapons has increased exponentially with the advent of computers and more recently of AI – artificial intelligence

Nuclear War - An Unrecognized Mass Extinction Event Waiting To Happen

Any nuclear war will be a mass extinction event that ENDS human history.

Atomic Energy: Origins Of The Fallacy In A Risk-Free Radiation Dose

URANIUM: ITS USES AND DANGERS, from a talk by Dr. Gordon Edwards, 25 Sep 2014; Photograph by Robert Del Tredici[1] The ability to tap energy at the…

Atomic Energy: Consequences of Creating Nuclear Weapons & Power

man-made radioactive matter lasts far longer than proto humans first appearance on Earth

Shafts Of Light Cutting Into the Darkness: The Montreal Declaration & UN Resolution L.41

World Mobilization: eliminate nuclear weapons, phase out nuclear reactors ending mass-production of high-level nuclear wastes, and halt all uranium mining worldwide.