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John Judge: “We must constantly create and encourage enemies, especially since the end of the Cold War. These keep the populace in a state of fear allowing unconstitutional excesses, they justify the endless increase in funding for police, security, military and intelligence agencies, and they create conditions that justify the move toward martial law. The only reason that the tension between the illusion of democracy while maintaining control and open fascism—glove off the fist approach of martial law—has not led to the latter yet is that factions within the ruling class counter each other when it seems someone will get to the top of such a structure, creating scandals that allow the illusion to proceed. None of this will stop, including the amateur conspiracy detectives on the internet and the parlor game conspiracy guessing with each incident, until we address the structural level of control that comes with militarization and permanent war, economic pressure for commoditizing everything and the genocide that results from technological advance with no distribution of wealth or sustainable development, the devaluation of currency and the concentration of wealth and power, and the curtailment of democracy that mark late stage monopoly capitalism which is fascism, the merger of the state and the corporations for reactionary purpose. As long as our primary relationship to each other is economic, not human or community based, and all our natural human relations are alienated and sold back to us in their most distorted forms, we cannot work toward real and participatory democracy or a healthy planet. Post-historical, post-literate, post-scientific and post-logical, the society blindly stumbles toward the nightmare it faces and creates, while most of the critics jump from item to item in the media news flow, divided into those who feel all is benign needing only tweaking reform and those who feel all is helplessly lost to some vast Matrix conspiracy of control. Who is doing a structural analysis and who is proposing a solution?” (2013)


Military Intelligence Dominance Details

  1. Naval Special Warfare Forces Training  —  LINK Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command (BTC) establishment ceremony (29 Aug 2008) at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. BTC reports to the Naval Special Warfare Center and is charged with the basic training of all naval special warfare forces.
  2. U.S. Army Intelligence Seal  —  LINK Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, United States Army Intelligence, G-2 Seal (2012)
  3. 15 Years of Guantanamo Is No Joke  —  LINK Clown with a reminder about Guantánamo and a dark side of American imperialism during a protest against Trump’s inauguration outside the US Embassy in London (20 Jan 2017) Erin Thompson: “After the exhibit [of artwork by prisoners at Guantánamo] opened and received a surprising amount of media attention, the artists’ lawyers noticed that the authorities were taking longer and longer to clear artworks to leave Guantánamo. Then, three weeks ago, the Department of Defense declared that all art made at Guantánamo is government property. Detainees reported that their guards then told them any art left behind if they were ever released would be burned and works in their cells deemed “excess” would simply be discarded. As with so many policy decisions about Guantánamo, the true rationale for this one remains hidden. My guess: the U.S. authorities there were surprised that the artwork they had been scrutinizing so carefully for hidden messages had a unifying one they had missed: that its makers were human beings. Which is precisely the realization the authorities need to stop the rest of us from having if Guantánamo is to remain open.” The Art of Keeping Guantánamo Open – What the Paintings by Its Prisoners Tell Us About Our Humanity and Theirs (2017)
  4. Stealth Bomber Dropping Ordinance  —  LINK Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber dropping Mk.82 bombs into the Pacific Ocean in a 1994 training exercise off Point Mugu, California, near Point Mugu State Park. Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD): “In its simplest configuration, the standard Mk 82 bomb contains 87-89 kg of high-explosives, in a forged steel body weighing 140-142 kg. It is this steel body that produces the primary fragmentation for the bomb. The bomb relies on the natural fragmenting of the body, and the dispersal pattern and size of the fragments is largely random. One of the manufacturers of the Mk 82 also produces a version with a pre-fragmented body. This means that the bomb’s body has been scored at regular intervals along its length and width so that it will readily break apart into fragments of uniform size. The effect of pre-fragmentation on the overall effectiveness of the Mk 82 is significant. A standard Mk 82 bomb body produces a lethal area of approximately 80 m (across) by 30 m (along), giving a lethal area of approximately 2,400 m2. The pre-fragmented version, known as the PFB-82, produces a similarly-shaped, but much larger lethal area of 240 m (across) by 80 m (along) high, giving a lethal area of 19,200 m2…. [A]n Mk 82 with standard forged-steel body will produce fewer than 3,000 natural fragments, but the PFB-82 model will produce almost 17,000 fragments.” Mk 82 Aircraft Bomb Characterisation of Explosive Weapons Research Project (2016)
  5. Office of Naval Intelligence Seal 1882  —  LINK
  6. U.S. Military Intelligence Political Assassinations: 7 Hits, 1 Miss
    • Congolese Leader Patrice Lumumba  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 5 Sep 1960
      Photo: 26 Jan 1960 at round table conference in Brussels.
      Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba: “We have experienced the atrocious sufferings, being persecuted for political convictions and religious beliefs, and exiled from our native land: our lot was worse than death itself. We have not forgotten that in the cities the mansions were for the whites and the tumbledown huts for the blacks; that a black was not admitted to the cinemas, restaurants and shops set aside for ‘Europeans’ that a black travelled in the holds, under the feet of the whites in their luxury cabins. “Who will ever forget the shootings which killed so many of our brothers, or the cells into which were mercilessly thrown those who no longer wished to submit to the regime of injustice, oppression and exploitation used by the colonialists as a tool of their domination? “All that, my brothers, brought us untold suffering. But we, who were elected by the votes of your representatives, representatives of the people, to guide our native land, we, who have suffered in body and soul from the colonial oppression, we tell you that henceforth all that is finished with. The Republic of the Congo has been proclaimed and our beloved country’s future is now in the hands of its own people.” speaking at The Ceremony of The Proclamation of The Congo’s Independence, 30 Jun 1960; quoted in Desperate Measures in the Congo by Michael Le Flem (2018)
    • President John F. Kennedy  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 22 Nov 1963
      Photo: 1961.
      James Douglass, A President For Peace: The Deadly Consequences of J.F.K.’s attempts at reconciliation (2013): “Seeking wisdom [the day President Kennedy was murdered], I wrote Dorothy Day … Dorothy wrote back saying I should pay attention to Kennedy’s life by reading a profile on him she recommended. She said that in a context of continuing violence, she would pray to John F. Kennedy (her emphasis)…. “Three decades later, I finally took Dorothy Day seriously by researching Kennedy’s life and death. For 12 years I studied national security documents on his crises during the cold war, especially those declassified by Congress through the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. I traced and interviewed witnesses to his assassination. I began to see the redemptive light of Dallas that Dorothy sensed in November 1963 through her love of God. “Seeking light in a depth of systemic evil that Merton called ‘the Unspeakable,’ which he described in Raids on the Unspeakable (1966), leads one to a Gospel story. Kennedy was learning to see through the eyes of his Communist adversaries. At great personal risk, he was turning from war to peacemaking. I was astounded by the grace-filled story of a president of the United States choosing peace—at the cost of his life.” Vincent Salandria, The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes (1998): “There is no rational manner in which we can strip away the guilt of the highest levels of our national security state. The government’s consistent criminal pattern of ignoring a whole series of data indicating conspiracy and consistently twisting the meaning of evidence to support a single assassin killing compels the conclusion that the U.S. national security state killed President Kennedy. President Kennedy himself had posited that he might be killed by the national security state, as reported in Paul B. Fay, Jr.’s book, The Pleasure of his Company. Given the simplicity of the above analysis, the conclusion is inescapable that the American civilian media failed in its First Amendment task of seriously examining the killing of President Kennedy by the military-intelligence community. The U.S. media chose instead to serve the interests of state. That rightfully earns them the title of accessories after the fact…. “The assassination of President Kennedy and its handling by the government and its compliant media were designed to accomplish not only the firing by gunshots of a President, but also were aimed at mind-manipulation and paralysis of our people. The fact that we have been debating this assassination for thirty-five years demonstrates that the national security state has enjoyed considerable success in accomplishing its goal. By debating the meaning of the assassination of President Kennedy we have served the purpose of our military-intelligence complex to mystify the obvious…. “What are we to do? We must accept as no mystery the question of why the assassination occurred. President Kennedy was killed for seeking to reduce the planet-threatening tensions of the Cold War. He was killed for accomplishing the test-ban treaty. He was killed for his eloquence in espousing peace. In his 1963 American University speech he urged:

      … my fellow Americans, let us examine our attitude toward peace … And is not peace, in the last analysis, basically a matter of human rights – the right to live out our lives without fear of devastation – the right to breathe air as nature provided it – the right of future generations to a healthy existence? While we proceed to safeguard our national interests, let us also safeguard human interests. And the elimination of war and arms is clearly in the interest of both.

      “President Kennedy was killed because he had refused to bomb and to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, although the Joint Chiefs and the CIA were much for this course of action. Later he had refused, when opposed by the Joint Chiefs and the CIA, to consent to invading Cuba during the missile crisis. Instead of invading Cuba, against the expressed wishes of the Joint Chiefs and the CIA, he had chosen to negotiate with the Soviets over a commitment not to invade Cuba. He had then moved for the normalization of relations with Cuba. Those relations have still to be normalized. He had established a back-channel communication system with the Soviets. Because of his quest for world peace and his struggle to preserve the human race from a devastating thermonuclear war, President John F. Kennedy was killed by the highest levels of our national security state.”

    • Malcolm X  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 21 Feb 1965
      Listen/Read: 12 Apr 1964 – “The Ballot of the Bullet”: audio recording, transcript 14 Feb 1965 – his last speech at Ford Auditorium after his house was firebombed: audio recording, transcript James Douglas, The Murder and Martyrdom of Malcolm X (2002): “As a deep believer in Islam, Malcolm chose to die as a martyr. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, and a wave of suicide bombers in Israel, Americans have tended to think of the Islamic concept of martyrdom as counter-violent. That was not, however the kind of martyr that Malcolm told Gordon Parks he wanted to be. Nor was it what he learned from the Islamic tradition he embraced on his pilgrimage to Mecca. In response to his assassins, whose identity he said he knew in advance, Malcolm gave his life to Allah ‘in the cause of brotherhood,’ without trying to snatch away the lives of those taking his own. “He also chose not to go into exile to avoid martyrdom. 12 days before his death, Malcolm listened patiently in a London hotel room, while a friend, Guyan writer Jan Carew, summoned every word at his command to persuade Malcolm not to return to the United States and almost certain death. Carew even invoked the authority of their ancestral spirit world, ‘the ghosts in our blood,’ against the folly of martyrdom. ‘Those ancestral spirits whisper warnings, whenever we’re about to do something reckless or foolhardy. Right now they should be whispering to you that, perhaps, surviving for our cause is more important then dying for it.’ Malcolm answered: ‘The spirit world’s fine but I want our folk to be free in the world of the living.’ And the unspoken thought: So for the sake of the living, I’ll live the truth freely and openly all the way, regardless of the consequences. “In Malcolm’s eyes, that was freedom. By living and speaking freely, Malcolm denied to the system that assassinated him the victory of taking away his life. He instead gave it freely in the cause of brotherhood and sisterhood. ‘It’s a time for martyrs now,’ as he told Gordon Parks, ‘And if I’m to be one, it will be in the cause of brotherhood. That’s the only thing that can save this country.’ “In his final days, Malcolm transformed the death by violence that had haunted him all his life. Recognizing its imminence, he embraced it in terms of his faith. He did so in a way that was in tension with some of his own public rhetoric. Although Malcolm continued to insist vehemently right up to his death on armed self-defense as a fundamental right for black people and for all other people as well, he died without wanting his followers to resort to that right for himself. In a life of profound changes, Malcolm’s ultimate choice of how he wanted to die, nonviolently in the cause of brotherhood, was perhaps the most remarkable change of all. “A ‘martyr’ is literally a witness. Malcolm’s final action, in stepping forward to reconcile two brothers in a fight, made him not only a target for murder but also a witness to brotherhood. As he said to us all, ‘As-salaam alaikum.’ ”
    • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 4 Apr 1968
      Photo: 3 Apr 1968 speaking at Mason Temple (transcript) in Memphis, Tennessee.
      James Douglass, King and the Cross 2007: “I have met extraordinary people on this pilgrimage into darkness, witnesses to the truth who have great courage, like Dr. King’s. The witnesses who have seen the unspeakable truth of his martyrdom, and who have dared to speak its truth, are themselves martyrs—witnesses who have been threatened, persecuted, committed by the government to mental institutions, and killed. “The truth of the assassination of Martin Luther King is one issue on which the system will never retreat, any more than it would retreat from its lies on the interrelated assassinations of Malcolm X and the Kennedys. “Just as Jesus says in John, that truth of the cross would destroy it. That truth of the cross, absorbed by us in widening circles of nonviolent commitment, would drive our evil system out of this country and the world. The transforming truth of King’s martyrdom is the truth of our cross and resurrection as a people. It is not beyond our reach, but the system would be driven out if we did reach it. “My hardest task in learning the beginning truth about King’s cross has to do with what Jesus, and Martin as his disciple, have taught us to do to be truly human—love the enemy. I have had to realize how profoundly naïve I have been about evil, even when living with Shelley and our son Tom for years in a house at the end of the line where our extended Agape Community would regularly block trains carrying enough nuclear weapons to destroy whole continents, perhaps all life on earth. But as terrible as that concrete realization of evil was and is, it was less overwhelming for me than what I feel now from Dr. King’s murder. The systemic way in which this prophet of compassion and transformation for our world was stalked, set up, and executed by our government takes my breath away. The cover-up to this day is no less elaborate. “So I have a hard time loving the enemies who are most responsible for this crime against us all, this attempt to assassinate hope that has succeeded to the extent we as a people have allowed it to do so.” The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis (2000): “Perhaps the lesson of the King assassination is that our government understands the power of nonviolence better than we do, or better than we want to. In the spring of 1968, when Martin King was marching (and Robert Kennedy was campaigning), King was determined that massive, nonviolent civil disobedience would end the domination of democracy by corporate and military power. The powers that be took Martin Luther King seriously. They dealt with him in Memphis. “Thirty-two years after Memphis, we know that the government that now honors Dr. King with a national holiday also killed him. As will once again become evident when the Justice Department releases the findings of its “limited re-investigation” into King’s death, the government (as a footsoldier of corporate power) is continuing its cover-up – just as it continues to do in the closely related murders of John and Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X. “The faithful in a nonviolent movement that hopes to change the distribution of wealth and power in the U.S.A. – as Dr. King’s vision, if made real, would have done in 1968 – should be willing to receive the same kind of reward that King did in Memphis. As each of our religious traditions has affirmed from the beginning, that recurring story of martyrdom (“witness”) is one of ultimate transformation and cosmic good news.”
      See Also: Archived sources, The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Senator Robert Francis Kennedy  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 4 Jun 1968
      Photo: Robert Francis Kennedy poster from his 1968 presidential campaign.
      Edward Curtin, review of “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (2018): “No member of the Kennedy family since JFK or RFK has dared to say what RFK, Jr. does in this book. He indicts the CIA. “While some news outlets have mentioned the book in passing because of its assertion that what has been known for a long time to historically aware people—that RFK immediately suspected that the CIA was involved in the assassination of JFK—Robert Jr.’s writing on the war between the CIA and his Uncle Jack and father is so true and so carefully based on the best scholarship and family records that the picture he paints fiercely indicts the CIA in multiple ways while also indicting the mass media that have been its mouthpieces. These sections of the book are masterful lessons in understanding the history and machinations of ‘The Agency’ that the superb writer and researcher, Douglass Valentine, calls ‘organized crime’—the CIA. A careful reading of RFK Jr.’s critical history leads to the conclusion that the CIA and the Mafia are not two separate murderer’s rows, but one organization that has corrupted the country at the deepest levels and is, as Kennedy quotes his father Robert—‘a dark force infiltrating American politics and business, unseen by the public, and out of reach of democracy and the justice system’—posing ‘a greater threat to our country than any foreign enemy.’ The CIA’s covert operations branch has grown so powerful that it feels free to murder its opponents at home and abroad and make sure ‘splendid little wars’ are continually waged around the globe for the interests of its patrons. Robert Jr. says, ‘A permanent state of war abroad and a national security surveillance state at home are in the institutional self-interest of the CIA’s clandestine services.’ “No Kennedy has dared speak like this since Senator Robert Kennedy last did so—but privately—and paid the price. His son tells us:

      Days before his murder, as my father pulled ahead in the California polls, he began considering how he would govern the country. According to his aide Fred Dutton, his concerns often revolved around the very question that his brother asked at the outset of his presidency, ‘What are we going to do about the CIA?’Days before the California primary, seated next to journalist Pete Hamill on his campaign plane, my father mused aloud about his options. ‘I have to decide whether to eliminate the operations arm of the Agency or what the hell to do with it,’ he told Hamill.‘ We can’t have those cowboys wandering around and shooting people and doing all those unauthorized things.’

      “Then he was shot dead. “For whatever their reasons, for fifty plus years the Kennedy family has kept silent on these matters. Now Senator Robert Kennedy’s namesake has picked up his father’s mantle and dared to tell truths that take courage to utter. By excoriating the secret forces that seized power, first with the murder of his Uncle Jack when he was a child, and then his father, he has exhibited great moral courage and made great enemies who wish to ignore his words as if they were never uttered. But they have. They sit between the covers of this outstanding and important book, a book written with wit and eloquence, a book that should be read by any [U.S.] American who wants to know what has happened to their country. “There is a telling anecdote that took place in the years following JFK’s assassination when RFK was haunted by his death. It says so much about Senator Kennedy and now his son, a son who in many ways for many wandering years became a prodigal son lost in grief and drugs only to return home to find his voice and tell the truth for his father and his family. He writes,

      One day he [RFK] came into my bedroom and handed me a hardcover copy of Camus’s The Plague. ‘I want you to read this,’ he said with particular urgency. It was the story of a doctor trapped in a quarantined North African city while a raging epidemic devastates its citizenry; the physician’s small acts of service, while ineffective against the larger tragedy, give meaning to his own life, and, somehow, to the larger universe. I spent a lot of time thinking about that book over the years, and why my father gave it to me. I believe it was the key to a door that he himself was then unlocking…. It is neither our position nor our circumstances that define us … but our response to those circumstances; when destiny crushes us, small heroic gestures of courage and service can bring peace and fulfillment. In applying our shoulder to the stone, we give order to a chaotic universe. Of the many wonderful things my father left me, this philosophical truth was perhaps the most useful. In many ways, it has defined my life.

      “By writing American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has named the plague and entered the fight. His father would be very proud of him. He has defined himself.” See Also: Sirhan Sirhan Did Not Kill Robert Kennedy, 48 years Later His 15th Parole Application Is Denied (2016)

    • John Lennon  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 8 Dec 1980
      Photo: 3 Nov 1980 by Jack Mitchell
      Mae Brussell interview by Tom Davis, Interview With Mae Brussell on the Assassination of John Ono Lennon (1981): “Both the date of Lennon’s murder, and the careful selection of this particular victim are very important. Six weeks after Lennon’s death, Ronald Reagan would become President. Reagan and his soon-to-be appointed cabinet were prepared to build up the Pentagon war machine and increase the potential for war against the USSR. The first strike would fall on small countries like El Salvador and Guatemala. Lennon, alone, was the only man (even without his fellow Beatles) who had the ability to draw out one million anti-war protestors in any given city within 24 hours, if he opposed those war policies. “John Lennon was a spiritual force. He was a giant, like Gandhi, a man who wrote about peace and brotherly love. He taught an entire generation to think for themselves and to challenge authority. Lennon and the Beatles’ songs shout out the inequalities life and the messages of change. Change is a threat to the longtime status quo that Reagan’s team exemplified. “On my weekly radio broadcast of December 7, 1980, I stated that ‘the old assassination teams are coming back into power.’ The very people responsible for covering up the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, for Watergate and Koreagate, and the kidnapping and murder of Howard Hughes, and for hundreds of other deaths, had only six weeks before they would again be removing or silencing those voices of opposition to their policies. “Lennon was coming out once more. His album was cut. He was preparing to be part of the world, a world which was a worse place since the time he had withdrawn with his family. It was a sure bet Lennon would react and become a social activist again. That was the threat. Lennon realized that there was danger coming back into public view. He took that dangerous chance, and we all lost!… “There are necessary connecting links in every assassination conspiracy. If any link of that chain falls apart and becomes exposed, the parts of the larger plot are more visible. When every element of that chain holds together and is present in the evidence and testimony regarding any particular murder, there has to be a larger conspiracy. “The most important link in that chain is the selected decoy or patsy. Whoever is arrested at the scene of the crime, to the exclusion of other suspicious persons, becomes the ‘assassin.’ This single person must serve a purpose, namely, to divert all attention away from those people who have armed him and located him at the scene of the crime…. “The common denominator in all these cases are those links in the conspiracy chain which show the relevant questions to be asked: Were there other persons along with Chapman shooting at Lennon to make sure he died? Who fled the scene in a hurry, never sought again by law enforcement agencies? Why did the New York police adamantly refuse to accept pictures of Chapman taken autographing an album earlier in the evening of the murder? Why were they donated to a newspaper after the police refused to accept them? When Chapman’s wife was called by the New York Police, why did they instruct her, ‘Don’t release any picture of him.’? How could Miami Police issue an erroneous description of a criminal record having the same last name, date of birth, race, and approximate height as the slaying suspect? Can we ever see the picture of the Florida suspect? If Chapman was treated for mental illness in Hawaii, how did he procure the weapon in Hawaii? How did Chapman transport the gun from the Island to the Mainland? (This question was dismissed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents, who said, ‘No investigation was in progress.’) “Money was never a problem for this wanderer. He and his wife lived in a $400 a month apartment and were able to support his hobby of collecting expensive works of art. Owning original Norman Rockwell lithographs worth $7,500, and traveling around the world aren’t impossible, if there is some kind of occupation that provides the money for these luxuries…. [Chapman’s] last evening before killing Lennon was spent at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in New York. He was carrying more than $2,000 in cash along with his credit cards. Where did he get these cards, and on what basis was the money earned and saved to establish credit to qualify for these cards?” See Also: Fenton Bresler, Who Killed John Lennon? (1989)
    • President Ronald Wilson Reagan  —  LINK
      Photo: 30 Mar 1981 just before assassination attempt while leaving Washington Hilton Hotel.
      John Judge from Toronto Lecture, first 13+ minutes (1980): “I did extensive work on the ballistics. None of Hinckley’s bullets hit Mr. Reagan. Hinckley had six bullets in the gun. One hit Delehanty, a cop, threw him to the ground by nicking him on his cheek raising his shoulder neck. Another went into the groin of the agent McCarthy, 160-pound man, lifted him up and threw him back to the other end of the limousine. Another bullet—the initial bullet fired by Hinckley—hit Mr. Brady in the head, knocked him to the ground, did considerable brain damage. One bullet nicked the windshield of the limousine. One bullet went into the Universal office building across the street. And one bullet went into the trunk of the car. You can see when you look at the photos closely a very clear hole not a ricochet or a scar mark but a hole going into the car penetrating the the outer metal wall….” from November 2000 Interview – Part II: “The problem was that Reagan didn’t get back to G.W.U. until after Brady was there, like a good 15-to-20 minutes later before Reagan finally shows up and does walk in. They finally start dealing with him because he does have a collapsed lung but he isn’t shot to the extent that he can’t move…. But it is very significant, I think, that Reagan was taken somewhere else and then turned around. I think the timing of the turn around relates to a huge fight that they later admitted broke out in the situation room at the White House in the emergency between the Reagan loyalists and the Bush loyalists in the administration…. There are different loyalties. That was clear in a number of instances. “One was when Bush helped to get Haig appointed as Secretary of State. The entire Cabinet staff underneath him was already pre-appointed and he wasn’t allowed to pick or choose any of them, or fire any of them. So it was like he was a figurehead put up at the head of this agency that he wasn’t really allowed to run. Then just a few days before the shooting of Reagan, there was a switch where Bush replaced Haig as the head of an emergency preparedness committee or unit that they had at the White House. The press was asking Bush right after he was appointed in place of Haig—this was just three days before the shooting—‘What constitutes an emergency for the purpose of this special office?’ And Bush said, ‘The president will know it when he sees it.’ I think he meant that he—Reagan—would know it when he saw it lying on the ground dying. “This I believe was a coup. The black box disappeared for several hours…. There was that kind of transition-of-power going on—who was actually going to control things and there were switch-overs about the Strategic Air Command bomber pilots, again, not having code books aboard on March 31, ’81 like they didn’t on November 22, ’63. This was a classic transition-of-power situation.”
    • Fred Hampton  —  LINK
      Assassinated: 4 Dec 1969
      Joseph Green: “The idea in writing this piece was to show two things: firstly, that the murder of Fred Hampton was essentially the conspiracy that wasn’t. In other words, the state powers who oversaw his execution were so certain that no one would pursue the Hampton case that they didn’t construct an elaborate conspiracy as against the Kennedys, Dr. King, and so on. They executed him in the open, as it were. Secondly, I wanted to show that this case could be made using the most mainstream sources imaginable, so primarily this article relies on quotes from the New York Times.” The Open Assassination of Fred Hampton (2010) Documentary Film: The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971, 1:28:45) James Douglass: “At 4:30 A.M. on December 4, 1969 … Sergeant Daniel Groth commanded the police team that broke into the Chicago apartment of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. The heavily armed officers shot both men to death. In 1983 the Black Panther survivors of the raid and the families of Hampton and Clark were awarded $1.85 million in a lawsuit against federal, state, and Chicago officials and officers including Daniel Groth. Groth acknowledged under oath that his team of officers had carried out the assault on Fred Hampton and Mark Clark at the specific request of the FBI.“ JFK and the Unspeakable, p.204 (2010) Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall: “Needless to say, the [court] victory [for the families of Hampton and Clark] was somewhat pyrrhic. None of the perpetrators of the crime at issue ever served so much as a day in jail for any of their offenses, and the political purposes of the COINTELPRO which entailed the assassinations had long since been achieved. The December 4, 1969 raid had broken the back of the Illinois BPP, and the Party in Chicago passed into oblivion.” Agents of Repression – The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement, p. 77 (1988)
  7. Police State, 2009  —  LINK Police State presence at 2009 G20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh. Original source: katesheets, Police State.
  8. Nuclear Detonation of Castle Romeo “test”  —  LINK Bikini Atoll Sacrifice, Marshall Islands, 11 megatons (26 Mar 1954); second detonation of Operation Castle, the Bravo explosion at 15 megatons being the first and largest ever US nuclear blast. Alex Wellerstein, Castle Bravo at 60 (2014): “March 1, [2018], is the [64th] anniversary of the Castle Bravo nuclear test. I’ve written about it several times before, but I figured a discussion of why Bravo matters was always welcome. Bravo was the first test of a deliverable hydrogen bomb by the United States, proving that you could not only make nuclear weapons that had explosive yields a thousand times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, but that you could make them in small-enough packages that they could fit onto airplanes. It was what truly inaugurated the megaton age (more so than the first H-bomb test, Ivy Mike, which was explosively large but still in a bulky, experimental form). As a technical demonstration it would be historically important even if nothing else had happened. “But nobody says something like that unless other things—terrible things—did happen. Two things went wrong. The first is that the bomb was even more explosive than the scientists thought it was going to be. Instead of 6 megatons of yield, it produced 15 megatons of yield, an error of 250%, which matters when you are talking about millions of tons of TNT. The technical error, in retrospect, reveals how grasping their knowledge still was: the bomb contained two isotopes of lithium in the fusion component of the design, and the designers assumed only one of them would be reactive, but they were wrong. The second problem is that the wind changed. Instead of carrying the copious radioactive fallout that such a weapon would produce over the open ocean, where it would be relatively harmless, it instead carried it over inhabited atolls in the Marshall Islands.”
  9. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Seal  —  LINK The initials of the NRO used to be classified. NRO designs, builds, and operates U.S. federal government reconnaissance satellites and provides satellite intelligence to several government agencies, particularly signals intelligence (SIGINT) to the NSA, imagery intelligence (IMINT) to the NGA, and measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) to the DIA.
  10. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Seal  —  LINK John Judge, Speaking at the Coalition on Political Assassinations (2004): “80% of the intelligence budget is controlled by the Pentagon, not by the CIA and the intelligence agencies on that side. And I’ve always said that the DIA was the real thing to look at because you can get 600 books on the CIA. I challenge you to get 2 or 3 on the DIA. There’s only 2 on the NSA and they’re both written by Bamford, the same fellow. [For] ONI I’ve found five, and believe me I look at books. And that’s the oldest and the largest intelligence agency, it started with British Naval Intelligence, ONI. And it’s very hard to find out anything about them, even at the level of the War Colleges and those things. And yet they control the base of the budget. What Prouty and other histories tell us is that the CIA is essentially a think tank. It comes up with plots, it may penetrate or get information on, or manipulate, groups, but in the end, when they want to carry out a special operation, they have to find a liaison to the military intelligence because the military intelligence has the equipment and the tools in order to actually effect any large scale special operation, even an assassination.”
  11. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Seal  —  LINK NGA is combat support agency of DoD supporting the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and other national-level policymakers in the areas of imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information. NGA is also a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community.
  12. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Seal  —  LINK While FBI is the federal domestic intelligence and security service of the U.S. it also conducts foreign operations around the globe and is a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community
  13. Central Intelligence Agency Seal  —  LINK Doug Valentine: How I Came To Understand The CIA (2016) The CIA As Organized Crime – How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (2017) Background on / excerpts from the book:
  14. Trident II Ohio-Class Ballistic-Missile Submarine (SSBN) USS Wyoming  —  LINK Third leg of the “nuclear triad”, Trident II is a first strike weapon. “[E]very Trident has 100 nuclear weapons and they’re much more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. So each Trident submarine can produce about 1,000 Hiroshimas and the US has 14 of them. And that’s only half of our arsenal. And Russia has got the same size arsenal.” —Dr. Alan Robock, Nuclear Famine and Nuclear Winter: Climatic Effects of Nuclear War, Catastrophic Threats to the Global Food Supply, Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, The New York Academy of Medicine, 28 Feb 2015