We have great plans for the Hidden History Center!

Here are just some of the subjects we expect to cover in our research center and on our website:

statueGovernment Surveillance and Privacy Rights

Erosion of Civil Liberties

Patriot Act


Militarization of Police

Political Assassinations

Prison-Industrial Complex

Costs of a Permanent War Economy

Military Dominance

American Wars Since World War II

Intelligence Agencies

U.S. Covert Actions

compassDrug Wars

Mind Control, Propaganda and Disinformation

9/11 and Its Aftermath

Secret Societies

Capitalism and the U.S. Corporate Empire State

Rise of Fascism


Anachronistic Education System

handoverfaceNative American Repression and Genocide

Civil Rights and Human Rights Movements

Peace Movements

Planet Sustainability

Food Security

Atomic Energy and Other Energy Sources

Medicine and Medical Advances

Impact of Technological Change

Alternate Economic Systems

New Social Consciousness