The John Judge collection has now been moved out of his house to its new location at 2915 North George Street in York, Pennsylvania. At present, it is not yet on display, but is contained in approximately 800 boxes. The new Hidden History Center has become a reality.

Here are some of our specific goals for the research center and the website:

  • create a user-friendly physical environment within the Center’s existing office space;
  • set up a workable office for the Museum’s Executive Director;
  • create a Collections Policy;
  • devise a master index and cataloging system by which to organize the Museum’s collection;
  • do a complete inventory of the political books in the Museum’s collection;
  • finish the inventory of the Ralph McGehee Library, using the Book Crawler application for iPad;
  • set up a system for sorting archive documents and begin using it;
  • scan newspaper articles, identifying them by topic, source and date; discard the original newspapers, as newsprint rapidly degrades;
  • digitize documents in the Museum’s archive and set up a system for organizing them electronically;
  • create a mechanism on the Center’s website that will allow visitors to search for and read digitized copies of the documents in the Museum’s archive;
  • create an online newsletter that will offer intriguing articles, news, and tidbits about the Center;
  • improve the functionality of the Hidden History Center’s website and add additional content, such as relevant articles, clippings, essays and editorials that highlight little-known, unknown and hidden history;
  • utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, to increase the Center’s visibility and to allow like-minded supporters of the Center to communicate with each other;
  • actively seek volunteers and interns who are willing to help with the Center’s projects;
  • create and implement a marketing plan;
  • create a publicity campaign designed to make the public, community groups and other non-profit organizations aware of the Hidden History Center;
  • network with other non-profits who advocate for similar issues and provide them a forum for presenting their ideas.