Our Three Stage Plan

part1We have developed a three-pronged approach for how to proceed from here:

Part 1:

Part 1 is the establishment of the Hidden History Center at 2915 North George Street in York, Pennsylvania, under the auspices of The Museum of Hidden History. This phase began with the relocation of the collection. Our next undertaking will be to identify more specifically exactly what the collection contains. As for the books in the collection, only one section (the McGehee Library) has been partially inventoried.

All the remaining boxed books still need to be inventoried and assigned to classification categories. Volunteers and interns will continue to work on this process. As for the archival documents, our intention is to digitize the papers, beginning with newspaper clippings, so that they can be more permanently preserved. We have a simple digitizing wand, but will be receiving some additional digitizing equipment in the spring, so that we can carry on this process efficiently. We may pay a consultant to advise us how to proceed, but we will rely on volunteers and interns to do most of the actual work.

Part 2:

Part 2 is the establishment of a vibrant, new and exciting web presence for the Hidden History Center. You are presently viewing the beginning stages of this new site. We are working on an effective, historically significant website. We believe that our online presence is perhaps even more important than the actual physical books and papers. Once information in the collection is online, it can be viewed by anyone from around the world, reaching a much wider audience than the physical research center ever could.

The website re-design process is being spearheaded by our Executive and Assistant Directors, Marilyn Tenenoff and Dave Ratcliffe. Creation of the site is already well underway, with the hiring of a professional website designer and use of a versatile WordPress theme. Much work will be involved in adding content, and the site will need constant monitoring and maintenance, requiring continued funding and ongoing volunteer efforts.

Part 3:

Part 3 of the Hidden History Center project is to create a means for like-minded people to interact with each other, using social media and community outreach events on hidden history themes.