Our Goals

These are the desired visitor outcomes for those who explore the York, Pennsylvania Hidden History Center and its associated website:


  • Visitors will have a better understanding of the broad powers of the U.S. government and how it controls and manipulates citizens.
  • Visitors will know more about the American permanent war economy and the wars in which the U.S. has engaged since World War II.
  • Visitors will better comprehend the extent of the U.S. Intelligence Surveillance State, its secret powers and its covert operations.
  • Visitors will have a new awareness of how political assassinations are used as a mechanism for overthrowing governments and bringing about political and social changes.
  • Visitors will become more cognizant of the U.S. Corporate Empire State, the nature of capitalism, and the power that corporations wield in American society.
  • Visitors will become more familiar with prominent powers that exist worldwide, both those which support and those which oppose U.S. policies.
  • Visitors will know more about prior and present-day movements for social change in America, including movements for civil rights, human rights and peace.
  • Visitors will become more aware of struggles for equality by women, immigrants, Native Americans and people of color.
  • Visitors will learn about the radically different future that will be created by technological change.
  • Visitors will understand more about alternatives to the present-day situation, such as participatory democracy, intentional communities and other alternate political, social and economic structures.
  • Ideally, visitors will be motivated to work toward positive social change and become involved in influencing the policies and activities of the U.S. government.