Bill and Melinda Gates have leading roles to play in the unfolding drama that is Covid-19. Everything seems to be advancing according to Davos’s plan. The soon-to-be trillionaire couple has provided useful cover for their fellow billionaires, the ones backstage pulling the ropes that will drop the Fourth Industrial Revolution scenery for the techno-fascist second act. Even now a chorus line of contact tracers assembles in the wings. In short order they’ll take center stage – donning newly minted digital certificates of compliance and indoctrination.

This post is about one of the production’s underwriters, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg, in coordination with New York governor Andrew Cuomo, paid Johns Hopkins to choreograph this viral surveillance roll out with the Rockefeller Foundation looking on from the royal box.


We are living through a moment where energy systems are colliding, and the future is highly uncertain. Life and anti-life, love and derangement, green and scorched-this grand struggle is playing out in “the alley” behind “the theater” where few know to look. Too many are simply enthralled by the chorus line.

I’m telling you to step out of your comfort zone and head to the alley. Join in community to stand on the side of life, love, green! As with my previous post written as a statement of solidarity with Wet’suwet’en Nation. These women are the anti-Bloombergs. In this moment of Covid distraction we need to reconnect with a greater earthly spiritual power to deflect the machinations of the “Good Club” predators.

Bloomberg and the technocrats have been very diligent in their cooptation of the non-profit / third sector, creating systems of data extraction cloaked in the benevolent trappings of cardboard checks and glittering galas. Global health has been the focus of much subterfuge. Gates and Bloomberg united to tackle tobacco use, family planning, polio, and most recently “economic mobility.” All, of course, are impact investment markets. It is worth noting that Event 201, the corona virus tabletop exercise held at the Pierre Hotel in New York last October, was a joint enterprise of the Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, an initiative of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health.

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Bloomberg received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and later served as chair of its board of trustees. In November 2018, Bloomberg made a gift of $1.8 billion to the university’s endowment to cover student financial aid. The university’s school of public health, the first in the nation started with seed funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, was renamed the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2001 after he stepped down from the board to serve as mayor of New York. Within the school of public health is the Center for Health Security that hosted both pandemic simulations – Clade-X in 2018 and Event 201 in 2019. The program is also a partner in the Global Health Security Index, an effort of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. Ted Turner, a founding director of the United Nations Foundation and another member of “The Good Club” started the Nuclear Threat Initiative. During Bloomberg’s time on the Johns Hopkins board he developed a collaborative relationship with faculty around issues of public health and eventually became know as the “public health” mayor. New York was his test bed, and over the past fifteen years Bloomberg Philanthropies has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into tobacco control, obesity, and gun control.

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